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It’s Not the Technology It’s the Learning Professional Development September 16. 2011 2:00.

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1 It’s Not the Technology It’s the Learning Professional Development September 16. 2011 2:00

2 Have Cell Phone, Laptop or Computer Ready! O Should fun be a part of every class every day? O We will use Poll Everywhere to answer the question and then watch the results in real time. O Poll Everywhere is a free service that allows you to create polls that can be answered using text messaging, twitter, or the web. O If you do not have a signal on your cell, use one of the computers.

3 How To Vote via Capitalization doesn’t matter, but spaces and spelling do TIP

4 Let’s Watch the Results Live

5 Consider these ideas as we watch a video that some of you may have seen before O Can you change people's habits and attitudes? Can you take a hard task and change people's conduct and attitudes by making a hard job seem fun?

6 The Dreaded Stairs and the Role of Fun! (Thanks, Mrs. Fitch for the Video)

7 Type a Reaction the to Video

8 How Can We Apply This to the Classroom? O What can we do differently in the classroom to get better results? O Can technology play a role in engaging our students so we can get the outcomes we desire? O Staff development this year will focus on using technology in the classroom for all grades to achieve improvement goals. MAPS (Measuring Academic Progress) will help us clarify our needs. O There will be lots of options and approaches!! However: It’s Not the Technology; It’s the Learning

9 Details of Professional Development  One of the biggest concerns about using technology is the time factor. With everything we have to do, how can we find time to implement technology? Professional Development this year will help with the time factor.  Each session will extend over two 2:00 Sessions. The first will be designed to introduce a variety of technologies and ideas and the second will be designed to give you time to develop a lesson plan using a technology. You will then use the technology in class and finally share what you did.

10 Details of Professional Development O The plan includes sharing our work on the April 20 11:30 Dismissal. O The approach will be based on your needs, and you can determine the best way for you to learn a technology. Suggested sites and ideas will be offered. You can use one of the suggestions or some other technology that you want to try. You can work with a partner, in a group or you can forge ahead on your own.

11 Details of Professional Development  It is very important that some time be spent in finding ways to implement the technology.  The focus should always by with focusing on the concept you are teaching and then identifying a technology that will support that learning.  Try not to “freak out” if something doesn’t work as anticipated. Ask a partner! It is even ok to decide it is too much of a pain to use!  Tell yourself: this is how my students and their parents feel when they can’t figure out the homework!

12 Details of Professional Development O We encourage cross grade level and cross curricular projects, and since we will all be here together, you will have access to potential partners. O If you find a great resource that you think everyone should know about, please bring it to our attention. We would love you to share it and teach it to us! O Today we will begin the process with exposure to many different technologies. The first part will be as a group and then you may elect how you want to proceed.

13 What Search Engine do You Use? O Do you always GOOGLE? Have you considered using different ones? Why? Why Not? O Have you considered different ways to examine information since If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten...

14 Several Search Engines O Wolframealpha O Google: Illinois then add Indiana. O Try the same thing with Wolframalpha: O Search Illinois O Search Illinois and Indiana (or other state) O Search the time it will take to lose 5 pounds O Enter any equation for it to solve O What are the strengths and weaknesses of Wolframealpha?

15 O Try the same thing with Spezify: O Search Illinois O Check out the List of 150+ Search Engines

16 Web 2.0 Tools: What are they? O Web 2.0 is a category of new Internet tools and technologies created around the idea that the people who consume media, access the Internet, and use the Web shouldn't passively absorb what's available; rather, they should be active contributors, helping customize media and technology for their own purposes, as well as those of their communities. O Many of them are FREE!

17 You Should Have Received an Email with Today’s Links O Play with the ones listed or others O Select something to try with your class O Select how it can be used to enhance a skill/concept/idea you will be teaching O You will have time during the next 2:00 to develop the idea into a written plan that you will give to your building principal O Share with each other O By Oct 21, you should have used it with a class, have written the summary, and you should be ready to share “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of how it all went…take pictures if you wish, bring artifacts if you have any!!! Use those classroom cameras!!!

18 Time to Play and Then O Evaluate today on the ISBE Evaluation Form O Pick Up your CPDU O Have a great weekend O Come back with a technology that would enhance what you are teaching and an idea of how you will use it in class. O Handout with links sent by email…open it and click and play!

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