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By Sarah Turpen and Emma Heidebrink Ponce Festival Masks.

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1 By Sarah Turpen and Emma Heidebrink Ponce Festival Masks

2 ●The people of Ponce, Puerto Rico celebrate the Ponce Festival ●Attendance is 100,000 (estimated) Who celebrates this?

3 ●Puerto Rico’s caribbean version of Mardi Gras ●The epitome of everything Puerto Rican ●Puerto Rico has been celebrating the Ponce Carnival for more than 250 years! What Is The Ponce Carnival

4 ●Each year this carnival is celebrated for the entire month of February. ● It is a special event before the Christian season for Lent. When Does this occur? Amethyst

5 ●It’s held in Ponce, Puerto Rico (carnival) ●More precisely, downtown which is known for its history Where is it held?

6 ●Like Mardi Gras, the carnival has roots to catholicism ●Vejigantes are believed to be demons ●They beat children and other innocents to whack away the evil sprits within them ●They were used to scare away evil and scare people to go back to church Why do they use Vejigas?

7 ●Colorful character introduced to carnival hundreds of years ago ●Name originates from the word vejiga(bladder) ●Used to use cow bladder ●Now they use balloons/plastic ● Myth: Vejigante used to blow vejiga up and chase children Vejigante( bay-he-GAHN-tay)

8 Pictures!

9 ● de_Ponce de_Ponce ● uerto/ uerto/ ● ● once/p/Ponce_Carnival.htm once/p/Ponce_Carnival.htm Sites used

10 ● (1st slide) ● -masks- brings-puerto-rican-tradition-to-hartford/ (2nd slide) -masks- brings-puerto-rican-tradition-to-hartford/ ●,vejigante/Interesting (guy with tounge out),vejigante/Interesting ● (8th slide lots of polka dots) ● (blue suit slide 8) ● (double picture slide 8) ● (cow) ● (amythist) ● (slide 3) ● (slide 8, guy with tons of horns) ● (Ponce flag) ● (cool red one) ● design-your-own.html ( big blue mask) design-your-own.html Pictures used

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