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Made by Spencer Lovrinic

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1 Made by Spencer Lovrinic
The United Kingdom Made by Spencer Lovrinic

2 The map of the UK England is a very small country compared to other ones around the world. Capital: London Average temp: around 50 Climate: humid and usually raining Size: winter – cold summer – humid and rainy Misc: The UK is split into 4 different main counties; England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.

3 The economy of the UK Currency: The UK uses the pound sterling. One pound is equal to about 1 US dollars. Type of economy: Mixed Major industries: Shipbuilding, coal mining, steel production, and textiles. Misc: The UK has the 5th largest economy in the whole world.

4 The Government of the UK
Type of government: Parliamentary system and Constitutional monarchy. Flag: Red, white, and blue stripes crisscrossing. Type of government: Constitutional Monarchy Head of government: Gordon Brown (Prime Minister) Misc: England has been around for more than 2000 years.

5 The Culture of the UK Food: Fish and chips
Religion: Mainly Christian (Catholic and Protestant) Major language: English Recreation: Horse riding and traveling. Clothing: Modern clothing (Hollister) Misc: England was rivals with Spain and France in the middle ages.

6 Tourism in the UK Sites of interest: Stonehenge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Travel options: Trolleys, double decker bus, planes, subways, and boats. Festivals/holidays: Queen’s birthday (changes whenever queen dies), most of the holidays celebrated here are celebrated in the UK (except for the 4th of July), there’s also a Battle of Britain day (every September 15th), and a Guy Fawkes day held every November 5th (he tried to blow up a Parliamentary building and failed in 1605.) This is better known as Mischief Night. Misc: Tourism brings in about 17 billion dollars in their economy.

7 Miscellaneous Brief history: The UK was invaded by the Romans but there was already trade between Celtish tribes and the Romans. The Romans occupied it until its decline. Ever since the UK had been divided into 4 main countries; England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. England was the strongest out of the 4. Only 50 years ago those countries came together to have a better economy and military. Famous citizens: Queen Elizabeth I, King Henry VII, Winston Churchill, and Tony Blair.

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