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Word Study Crossroads Middle School Cycle One Trimester Three {Revised 2013-2014}

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1 Word Study Crossroads Middle School Cycle One Trimester Three {Revised 2013-2014}

2 man / manu Definition: hand Language of Origin: Latin

3 man/manu: hand manual manual manipulate manipulate manacle manacle

4 manual -adjective- Definition: made, done or worked on by hand Sentence: Maria and her friends from the photography club found that developing film required a great deal of manual labor.

5 manipulate -verb- Definition: to handle skillfully Sentence: Jim Henson, the creator of the Muppets, was able to manipulate the puppets so well that they seemed lifelike.

6 manacle -verb- Definition: to handcuff; restrain Sentence: Police officers often have to manacle uncooperative prisoners.

7 graph Definition: to write Language of Origin: Greek

8 graph: to write seismograph seismograph calligraphy calligraphy topography topography

9 seismograph -noun- Definition: an instrument that records the intensity and duration of earthquakes Sentence: A Chinese astronomer named Zhang Heng invented the first seismograph, a device used to detect earthquakes.

10 calligraphy -noun- Definition: artistic handwriting Sentence: The lovely calligraphy that we commonly see on invitations is a type of visual art.

11 topography -noun- Definition: the detailed mapping and charting of the surface features of a specific area/region Sentence: The topography of the United States is varied from coast to coast.

12 luc / lum Definition: light Language of Origin: Latin

13 luc/lum: light illuminate lucid translucent

14 illuminate -verb- Definition: to give light to; light up Sentence: As the sun rises, it illuminates the horizon and signals us to awaken.

15 lucid -adjective- Definition: shining or glowing; readily understood; clear Sentence: After reading the instructions over and over again, Amrita finally had a lucid idea of what she was supposed to do.

16 translucent -adjective- Definition: allows light to pass through, but is not transparent Sentence: The translucent bands of light that spread across the arctic sky are more commonly known as the Aurora Borelias, or the Northern Lights.

17 port Definition: to carry Language of Origin: Latin

18 port: to carry import deportation transport

19 import -verb- Definition: to bring in from another country Sentence: When a needed product cannot be made in the United States, companies can import what is desired from another country.

20 deportation - noun - Definition: the act of lawfully removing a non- citizen from a country Sentence: To avoid the threat of deportation, a person must register to become a legal resident of the country where they intend to live.

21 transport - verb - Definition: to carry or move something from one place to another Sentence: As a bus driver, Agatha’s job was to safely transport children from their neighborhood to the school.

22 macro Definition: large, great Language of Origin: Greek

23 macro: large, great macrocosm macrocosm macroscopic macroscopic macrobiotic macrobiotic

24 macrocosm - noun - Definition: the whole universe Sentence: To teenagers, their macrocosm consists entirely of themselves and their friends.

25 macroscopic -adjective- Definition: large enough to be seen or examined by the unaided eye Sentence: The macroscopic spider was clearly visible as it was enormous!

26 macrobiotic - adjective - Definition: describes a diet intended to prolong life, primarily based on whole grains and beans Sentence: Studies have shown that a macrobiotic diet is healthier and more beneficial than any other kind.

27 biblio Definition: book, books Language of Origin: Greek

28 biblio: book, books bibliography bibliophile bibliomaniac

29 bibliography -noun- Definition: a list of books, articles, etc. used as sources for a piece of writing Sentence: His report cites twelve sources in its bibliography, all online press reports and texts.

30 bibliophile - noun- Definition: someone who loves and collects books Sentence: Jessie’s friends labeled her as a bibliophile, because they often found her in the library contently reading.

31 bibliomaniac -noun- Definition: one who has an EXTREME preoccupation with collecting books Sentence: Ashley’s friends classified her as a bibliomaniac, because her room was absolutely filled with hundreds of books!

32 vac Definition: empty Language of Origin: Latin

33 vac: empty evacuate evacuate vacuous vacuous vacate vacate

34 evacuate -verb- Definition: to empty a dangerous place Sentence: In the last school year, there was a total of ten fire drills which required everyone to evacuate.

35 vacuous - adjective - Definition: empty of ideas, intelligence, or content Sentence: His words and behavior were often vacuous, demonstrating his lack of intelligence.

36 vacate -verb- Definition: to go away from and leave empty or unoccupied Sentence: Lucy and her family were forced to vacate their apartment after they discovered black mold in the living room.

37 juven Definition: young Language of Origin: Latin

38 juven: young, youthful rejuvenate rejuvenate juvenile juvenile

39 rejuvenate -verb- Definition: to bring back to youthful strength or appearance Sentence: Amelia’s efforts to rejuvenate herself were costly, but her weekly facials were worth it.

40 juvenile -adjective- Definition: youthful or childish In, Byron Watson is labeled a juvenile delinquent because he is always getting in trouble. In The Watsons Go To Birmingham, Byron Watson is labeled a juvenile delinquent because he is always getting in trouble.

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