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ESOL Central Class Work

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1 ESOL Central Class Work
English II

2 ESOL Central Class Work
Sept 16, 2011 Vocabulary Lesson 1 English II

3 Expository Writing Sept 16
A television network is looking for ideas for a new television series for teenagers. Write a letter to the president of the network explaining your idea for the new television show. Include all the information that will help the president evaluate your idea, including the show’s title, what kind of show it is (such as reality, comedy, music, game, or sports), specific details or features of the show that would be appealing to teenage viewers, and an example of what viewers might see in a typical episode.

4 Expository Writing Jot down your ideas
On what network will your show be on? What is the title of your TV show? What kind of show will it be? What will the characters be like? Who will watch it? Why will people want to watch your TV show? give 5 reasons

5 ESOL Central Class Work
Sept 19, 2011 Vocabulary Lesson 1 English II

6 Abandon Hardship Keen Gallant Jealous Data Tact Unaccustomed Oath
Copy & answer what you think is the definition to the following word. Write a sentence or draw a picture for each of them. Abandon Keen Jealous Tact Oath Vacant Hardship Gallant Data Unaccustomed Bachelor Qualify

7 Definitions & Sentences
abandon -leave without planning to come back; quit; to give up When Roy abandoned his family, the police went looking for him. The soldier could not abandon his friends who were hurt. keen – sharp; eager; intense; intellectually alert The butcher’s keen knife cut through the meat. My dog has a keen sense of smell.

8 Definitions & Sentences, cont.
jealous –afraid that the one you love might prefer someone else; wanting what someone else has A detective was hired by the jealous widow to find the boyfriend that abandoned her. Although my neighbor bought a new car, I am not jealous of him. tact – ability to say the right thing without being offensive By the use of tact, Janet was able to calm her jealous husband. You must always use tact when attending a funeral.

9 Definitions & Sentences, cont.
oath –a promise that something is true; a curse The president will take the oath of office in January. When Terry discovered that he had been abandoned, he let out an angry oath. vacant – empty; not filled I put my coat on the vacant seat. When the landlord went to collect the rent, he discovered that the apartment was vacant.

10 Definitions & Sentences, cont.
hardship –something that is hard to deal with; difficulty The fighter had to face many hardships before he became champion. Abraham Lincoln was able to overcome one hardship after another. gallant – brave; showing respect for women The captain swore a gallant oath to save the ship and his crew. Ed is so gallant that he always gives up his seat on the bus to a woman.

11 Now it’s up to you! For homework: Find the definition and write a sentence for the last 4 words

12 ESOL Central Class Work
Sept 19, 2011 Vocabulary Lesson 1 English II

13 Nouns Mad Libs Complete the following: List a Personal Proper Noun
List a Proper Noun for a country or state List a Common Noun for a place List a Personal Proper Noun (different from #1) Repeat Personal Proper Noun from #1 List an Abstract Noun List another Common Noun for a geographical place List another Common Noun for a place List an Abstract Noun for a recreational activity Repeat Proper Noun from #4 Repeat Common Noun from #9 List an Abstract Noun for an emotion

14 Fill in the blanks with your answers
Jessie and _(#1)_ decided to embark on a long journey across the mountains of _(#2)_. On their way to the _(#3)_ where they were staying, _(#4)_, a friend of _(#5)_, showed up and wanted to go along as well. Jessie thought it was a fabulous _(#6)_ ! However, as they reached the _(#7)_ of a nearby _(#8)_, one of the members of the group did not feel so well and was sent to the _(#9)_. The _(#10)_ was far from over though. They thought it was better to leave _(#11)_ in the _(#12)_ and continue the trip. They all had _(#13)_ and thought it was a trip they would never forget!

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