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Louise Arner Boyd By Austin Renee Martinez

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1 Louise Arner Boyd By Austin Renee Martinez

2 Louise Arner Boyd was known
as the “ Ice Woman”.

3 Louise Arner Boyd She explored and photographed the Arctic Ocean and,
she was the first woman to fly over the North Pole.

4 Louise was born in San Rafael, California (close to San Francisco.)

5 Interest in Polar Bears
Louise’s interest in polar bear exploration started in 1924 when she visited Arctic regions on Norwegian cruise ships.

6 In two years Louise Boyd was in
charge of a Norwegian ship and took a few friends (a group) on a trip from Norway to the Arctic Ocean.

7 In 1928 Louise wanted a expedition to find Norwegian Arctic explorer Roald Amundsen.

8 Roald Amundsen had disappeared
flying a mission to find Italian explorer and his engineer Umberto Nobile.

9 Louise was unable to find any trace of
Roald Amundsen. The Norwegian government awarded her the Chevalier Cross of the Order of Saint Olav.

10 In 1931, Louise started taking trips to the
Arctic. She explored Greenland and studied glacial formations, plant life, and animal life on the De Geer Glacier.

11 She received recognition by
having an area in Greenland named after her. It is called Louise Boyd Land.

12 Information About Louise Boyd
Birth Date: September 16,1858 Born In: San Rafael, California (Near San Francisco) Died: October 30,1923 Other Information: She was the first women to fly over the North Pole and, she tried to find explorer Roald Amundsen.

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