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A Time of Conflict Chapter 7, Section 1

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1 A Time of Conflict Chapter 7, Section 1

2 Freedom of the Seas I. Sailing in foreign seas was dangerous
Pirates from Tripoli and other Barbary Coast States of North Africa

3 They raided ships and demanded Tribute
Tribute: protection for money to allow ships to pass

4 II. 1804 – Pirates seized ship
Captain Stephen Decatur burned the ship and escaped in a small boat.

5 We had to pay a ransom for the crew
Tripoli agreed to stop demanding tribute

6 III. U.S. had neutral rights from 1803 – 1805
Trade Prospered

7 IV. IN 1805 Britain and France began seizing ships
British needed soldiers. Stopped ships to search for deserters Forced many Americans to serve in the British Navy (Impressment)

8 V. Jefferson stopped trade with Britain.
Congress enacted the Embargo act in 1807 It was ineffective

9 VI. James Madison was elected president in 1808.

10 War Fever VII. In 1810, Bonaparte ended France’s trade restrictions with the U.S. French continued to seize American ships

11 Tecumseh – a powerful Shawnee chief
Built a confederacy among Native American nations to stop the white movement into their lands.

12 Tecumseh’s brother, The Prophet, urged followers to return to Native American ways.
Set up a village in Northern Indiana called Prophetstown.

13 William Henry Harrison, governor of Indiana, attacked Prophetstown in the Battle of Tippecanoe.
Many Native Americans fled to Canada

14 War Hawks: a group of young nationalistic Republicans
They were Led by Henry Clay & John Calhoun They pressured the president to declare war on Britain.

15 By Spring of 1812, Madison had decided that war with Britain was inevitable (unavoidable)


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