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LIFE ONLINE The internet: Enhancing work & play 3.24.06 Lee Rainie Computers in Libraries - 2006 Washington, D.C.

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1 LIFE ONLINE The internet: Enhancing work & play 3.24.06 Lee Rainie Computers in Libraries - 2006 Washington, D.C.

2 Life Online March 24, 20062 Whos blogging this? Writings of a Loud Librarian Indiana Librarian Marissa Priddis

3 Life Online March 24, 20063 Rainie was funny, at ease, informative and we found ourselves do a lot of Huh...I didn't know that during his speech. Very, very cool.

4 Life Online March 24, 20064 I've long been a fan of …Pew's reports, and wish we had something that comprehensive and ongoing in the UK….Pew's ongoing and in-depth analysis of this space is a truly marvelous resource that could usefully be emulated outside the US.

5 Life Online March 24, 20065 Whos blogging this? Stephen Downes Stephens Web bhcp=1

6 Life Online March 24, 20066 Good crisp presentation … backed with some actual research and drawing out the implications for educators, a list of which should be posted on the wall of every school ….

7 Life Online March 24, 20067 Hes a lot older than I imagined. -------------------- Looks like a typical Foundation suit.


9 Life Online March 24, 20069 Reality 1 Millennials are a distinct age cohort, according to many measures of generational behavior and attitude

10 Life Online March 24, 200610 The Millennials (born 1982-2000) The biggest and most diverse generation in American history 36% of total population; 31% minority Special Sheltered Confident Team-oriented Achieving Pressured Conventional Tech- embracing Neil Howe and William Strauss, Millennials Rising, Vintage, 2000 Doug Levin, Research Director, Cable in the Classroom

11 Life Online March 24, 200611 Reality 2 Millennials are immersed in world of media and gadgets

12 Life Online March 24, 200612 Kaiser Family Foundation, Generation M, March 2005 82 46 87

13 Life Online March 24, 200613 Home media ecology - 1975 Product Route to home Display Local storage TV stations phone TVCassette/ 8-track broadcast TV radio broadcast radio stereoVinyl album News mail Advertising newspaper delivery phone paper Radio Stationsnon-electronic Tom Wolzien, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co

14 Life Online March 24, 200614 Home media ecology – now Product Route to home Display Local storage cableVCR TV stations phone/DSLTV Info wirelessradioDVD Daily me broadcast TVPCWeb-based storage content iPod /MP3server/ TiVo (PVR) Cable Nets broadcast radiostereoPC Web sites satellitemonitorweb storage Local news mailheadphonesCD/CD-ROM Content from express deliverypager individuals iPod / storageportable gamerMP3 player / iPod Peer-to-peer subcarriers / WIFIcell phonepagers - PDAs Advertising newspaper deliveryphonecable box Radio stationsPDA/Palmgame console game console paper Satellite radionon-electronicstorage sticks/disks Adapted from Tom Wolzien, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co

15 Life Online March 24, 200615 Reality 3 Their technology is mobile

16 Life Online March 24, 200616 Kaiser Family Foundation, Generation M, March 2005 37 26 45

17 Life Online March 24, 200617 Reality 4 The internet plays a special role in their world

18 Life Online March 24, 200618 Download music – 51% Share own creations – 33% Activities of young greatly outpace their eldersActivities of young are not as great as their elders

19 Life Online March 24, 200619 33% of online teens share their own creations online, such as artwork, photos, stories, or videos

20 Life Online March 24, 200620 32% have created or worked on webpages or blogs for others, including those for groups they belong to, friends or school assignments

21 Life Online March 24, 200621 22% report keeping their own personal webpage

22 Life Online March 24, 200622 19% have created their own online journal or blog

23 Life Online March 24, 200623 19% say they remix content they find online into their own artistic creations

24 Life Online March 24, 200624 Steve Bartmans journey

25 Life Online March 24, 200625 Reality 5 They are multi-taskers

26 Life Online March 24, 200626 Kaiser Family Foundation, Generation M, March 2005

27 Life Online March 24, 200627 Kaiser Family Foundation, Generation M, March 2005

28 Life Online March 24, 200628 Reality 6 Millennials are often unaware of and indifferent to the consequences of their use of technology

29 51% download music files 31% download video 19% take material and remix and share it ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 75% agree: Music downloading and file-sharing is so easy to do, its unrealistic to expect people not to do it 66% agree: As long as people are still buying music and movies, its okay if they download or share some things for free. 55% say they do not care much whether what they download is copyrighted or not

30 Life Online March 24, 200630 Reality 7 Their (our) technology world will change radically in the next decade

31 Life Online March 24, 200631 The J-curve laws Computing power doubles every 18 months – Moores law Communications power doubles every 9 months with improvements in fiber optics and compression – Gilders law –Spectrum power is enhanced with efficiency improvements in spectrum allocation and use Storage power doubles every 12 months – disk law

32 Life Online March 24, 200632 Chris Anderson book Amazon, Rhapsody/iTunes, Netflix Traffic Content

33 Life Online March 24, 200633 Reality 8 The way they approach learning and research tasks will be shaped by their new techno-world

34 Life Online March 24, 200634 Thank you! Lee Rainie Director Pew Internet & American Life Project 1615 L Street NW Suite 700 Washington, DC 20036 202-419-4500

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