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School Name 2010 Showcase. Kids’ Design Challenge A healthy, well balanced diet including nutritious grain-based foods is vital for normal growth, development.

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1 School Name 2010 Showcase

2 Kids’ Design Challenge A healthy, well balanced diet including nutritious grain-based foods is vital for normal growth, development and learning. Help kids learn about importance of ‘4+ serves a day’ of grain-based foods for good health Stage 3 Brief: Design an advertising campaign, aimed at primary aged children to promote ‘4+ serves a day’ of grain-based foods as part of a healthy diet. Stage 4 Brief: A new grain-based food product is to be produced for the school canteen, in line with the Fresh Tastes @ School NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy. Students will: a) develop a food product to communicate the ‘4+ serves a day’ message, and/or b) develop a promotional strategy to communicate the ‘4+ serves a day’ message.

3 Go 4 Grains ‘4+ serves a day’ Key health messages: Provides energy Source of fibre Source of vitamins and minerals; and protein Whole grain/meal products provide more nutrients than refined products 4+ serves a day 2 serves of whole grain

4 Stage 3

5 Campaign Materials: TV commercial Interactive website School education program Cabramatta Public School 5P Research Graphic Design... Grains are energy powerhouses fuelling our brains…

6 Cabramatta Public School 5P Testing We chose to use a television advertisement because: It is both visual and audio communication Television appeals to children and is accessed by a majority The effectiveness of the advertisement can be enhanced by selecting appropriate time slots to target our audience e.g. during cartoons, or during the news

7 Cabramatta Public School 6SN Campaign Materials: TV advertisement Big Book Posters Animated TV advertisement Slogan

8 Cabramatta Public School 6SN... We created an animated TV advertisement with our character Ben Barley telling a story about how eating grains keeps you healthy and gives you energy....... The students produced animation pictures and then another student photographed each scene. It was then put together to create the story in animation....

9 Cabramatta Public School 6W The National Health and Medical Research Council has proven that grains can help in protecting against some cancers and diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Scientific studies show that eating 2 – 3 serves of grain based foods everyday have 20% - 40% lower risk everyday of getting heart disease and diabetes Eating 4+ serves of grain per day is proven by scientists to give you more energy and keep you feeling fuller longer. Nutritional Research... We want children to change their diet from eating junk and fatty food to eating more grain based food...

10 Cabramatta Public School 6W Campaign Materials: TV commercial Posters Comic strip … Children watch TV more and the advertisement is the most entertaining of our 3 elements. We feel it will catch the attention of the audience and persuade them to eat and try more grain based food…

11 Caringbah North Public School 5D Campaign Materials: Jingle & Bookmark Brochure Billboard...Our advertising campaign is to use a fun, catchy radio jingle accompanied by bookmarks to inform children about grains.... As a result of our campaign we expect to see more children eating four plus serves of grains a day as a popular food choice... Slogan

12 Caringbah North Public School 5D Slogan Bookmarks

13 Caringbah North Public School 5/6 C Campaign Materials: TV advertisement Poster Radio jingle Our ad was very funny and appealing to young children as we had a scene in the playground and we looked like we were having lots of fun and we were active, because we were eating our grains. Our jingle was also very catchy, therefore attracting little kids’ attention.

14 Caringbah North Public School 5/6 C... Our class, 5/6C, did some background research on grains in computer time before being split into four groups of about eight people. Each group decided on what type of ad they would make and then produced a prototype of that media... Grains keep us healthy and make us fit to play From kidz to kidz we tell you to eat 4 serves a day Grains are really yummy so go give them a taste Grains are NICE so don’t think TWICE, don’t put them to waste! Jingle TV advertisement

15 Caringbah North Public School 6J Campaign Materials: Sample bag Animation Poster... We were able to easily produce our items ourselves but they were still appealing to our target audience......Our sample bag is great for kids because it has rewards for eating grain based foods... “4 grains A Day Helps Your Body In Every Way” Investigating Advertising

16 Caringbah North Public School 6J Our jingle is “Amazing Grains” which is a parody of “Amazing Grace”. This is how it goes: ‘Amazing Grains, How sweet they sound. That made a healthy me. I once was weak but now am strong. The grains have strengthened me.” Jingle Survey.... Our five groups all designed a Mini Questionnaire for the Year 3 Kids. Most of the Year 3s knew a little bit about what grains were and could name a few. Some of their answers were inappropriate. They did not know about serves or about how important grains are to make a healthy body....

17 Floraville Public School 5C Campaign Materials: Grainy Information Movie Poster News Report... We decided on these 3 forms of advertising as it will empower kids to become experts on grains … and as experts they will share the message with their family.... News report

18 Floraville Public School 5C … We need people to eat more grain foods so they don’t get fat or unhealthy... 5C... In computers we have spent 40 minutes per week learning about grains using computer technology...... As we have only had 40 minutes per week, we have been using a school blog set up on DET blogED to communicate messages and findings... Grainy movie

19 Floraville Public School 5V Campaign Materials: Taste testing Website/blog cartoon Grainy goody bag … The goody bag was selected as the prototype because everyone likes to get something free and it has great products links all adverting elements together. The poster educates consumers on grains, a song about grains and some clappers and recipe to get everyone excited about eating grains… 5V

20 Floraville Public School 5V.... We created a survey using Survey Monkey and these are some of the interesting results most kids thought you need 2 serves of grains a day 80% knew that bread contained grains but didn't know other grain foods kids knew grains are healthy but not why

21 Floraville Public School 5/6 G Campaign Materials: Grainy Brainy Challenge Grain-iaire song Radio Station Promotion Name- Class- Brain Challenge

22 Floraville Public School 5/6 G SONG: I wanna be a Grainiaire** ** Sung to the tune of I wanna be a Millionaire... I wanna be a grainiaire so grainy bad Eat all of the grains I never had Uh, I wanna be on the cover of 4+ magazine Smiling next to Fast Ed and the Queen... Brain Challenge Video

23 Homebush Public School 6D Campaign Materials: Poster /Merchandising Video Advertisement Radio Advertisement Radio Ad Lyrics Take you the farmer’s crop Eat all the grains he’s got Have 4 serves of grains a lot Fill your tummy up!.... We discovered that most of the primary school children we surveyed, didn’t know a lot about grains or which foods contained grains. Most of them were also not eating enough grains on a daily basis....

24 Homebush Public School 6D..... We thought that we could enhance the knowledge of our target audience and encourage them to eat 4+ grains a day to improve their health

25 Homebush Public School 6L Jingle: “If you want brains, Eat more than 4 grains” Campaign Materials: Poster / T-Shirt Bumper sticker Video Advertisement... It is no secret that healthy eating and regular physical activity help us to achieve and maintain good health throughout our life... 6L

26 Homebush Public School 6L Bumper Sticker T shirt / Poster Design... Eating 4+ grains a day will make you feel more confident and positive because you will be healthier, fitter and have more energy to play and study.

27 Homebush Public School 6W Campaign Materials: Video for YouTube Radio Jingle Billboard... The message must be very accessible and YouTube is one of the most visited sites by primary aged children. The message must be clear and simple. Repetition is an essential part of helping get the message to children.... Video

28 Homebush Public School 6W Billboard Survey YouTube Video clip

29 Mowbray Public School GATS Campaign Materials: Video Magnets with logo Poster Experimental work

30 Mowbray Public School GATS Magnetic logo Grains 4 Brains Our Slogan.... Eating 4+ serves of grains for a student in Year 3 or Year 4 is beneficial for them as they provide many nutrients that will give them energy, good nutrition and as an overall result will help the students in the long run with improved academic performance. Hence Grains 4 Brains

31 Narraweena Public School 5C Campaign Materials: TV Advertisement Jingle Poster … We used a character called Super Healthy Grain. We put Super Healthy Grain on the poster and made stickers with him on them to give to the children. This character was made to make kids think positive about grains and not eat junk food…

32 Narraweena Public School 5C You’ve got the power To eat more grains You’ve got the power To win the game You’ve got the power To work your brain You’ve got the power To get an A! EAT 4+ SERVES of GRAINS A DAY! Jingle TV advertisement

33 Narraweena Public School 5G Campaign Materials: Poster Radio Rap/ Jingle TV Commercial

34 Narraweena Public School 5G GRAINS MAKE U GO, GO, GO! GRAINS MAKE U GO, GO, GO! Our Jingle... WE WORKED IN A SMALL GROUP TO THINK OF OUR ADVERTISEMENT IDEAS......... Fun, colourful advertising was our idea to attract kids to eat more grains....

35 Narraweena Public School 6F Campaign Materials: Poster Radio Rap/ Jingle TV Commercial We want people to start eating 4+ serves of grains each and every day … and help them to give them more energy … and to be protected against heart diseases … and help prevent diabetes... Campaign Character

36 Narraweena Public School 6F....We organised our group into art directors, cameraman, manager, film writer and many other jobs, making sure everyone had a position or job..... Poster Design Our Jingle

37 St Ives Public School 6MC Campaign Materials: TV Advertisement Poster GrainForce website.... Eating grains is a great thing to do. So healthy, so easy. They’re perfect for you.... 6MC Poster... The TV advertisement involves our cartoon superhero - GrainForce He helps unfit children make the right choices about their selection of food. Instead of eating lollies, he encourages children into eating delicious grain based foods...

38 St Ives Public School 6MC GrainForce Website GrainForce Character Our Logo “You need GrainForce!”

39 Stage 4

40 Bankstown Girls High School Year 8 Gp1 Lime Frost Mixed Berry Muffin....To find out what the students in our school would enjoy, we conducted a survey. We asked them various questions on what they liked to eat. Then we selected our target audience which was the juniors of the school (years 7-10). Using the results of our survey, we found that 100% of the people surveyed liked muffins...

41 Bankstown Girls High School Year 8 Gp2 Sweet Chilli Beef Wrap... Our survey results indicated that a diverse number of students would prefer the canteen to have more wraps and burgers at a lower price. This is what led to the revelation of our brand new sweet chilli beef wrap which consists of everything you have ever wanted in a wrap. Healthy but delicious..... Instead of teenagers having to eat the unhealthy wraps full of saturated fat, they can just replace it with our fantastic sweet chilli beef wrap...

42 Bankstown Girls High School Year 8 Gp3 Delicious Peach Muffins with Mango frosting... We did a lot of research on snacks that were delicious yet nutritional. We came up with 4 best snack ideas. We found an apple muffin recipe but substituted the apple with something more unique - peach. We then trialled our final 2 recipes and conducted a taste test survey to our target audience (Yrs 7-10 active girls). This grain-based snack contains grains such as rolled oats, bran and wholemeal flour.

43 Bishop Druitt College 7Tec3 Alex and Hugo’s Magical Rice Balls Nutrition Information Energy751 kJ Protein9.6 g Fat, total5.0g - saturated2.4 g Carbohydrates 22.9g - sugars1.7 g Dietary Fibre5.6 g Sodium323 mg... Our Rice Balls are healthy because they have a lot of grains, as the whole thing is basically Brown Basmati Rice. It also has lots of cheese in the middle that is very good because not many kids get anywhere near enough dairy...... It would be good in the canteen because kids would love to eat it (everyone who tasted them said they were nice)...

44 Bishop Druitt College 7Tec4 Speedy Chicken Tabouli... We chose the tabouli dish because it taste good, looks great and it is easy to make and prepare. The tabouli is also a healthy meal to eat and the ingredients are basic and easy to find in the supermarket... Nutrition Information per serve Energy1700kJ Protein29.2g Fat, total 21.5g - saturated5.3g Carbohydrates 21.4g - sugars 1.6g Dietary Fibre12.9g Sodium176mg... Speedy Chicken Tabouli has lots of protein, carbohydrates, and fibre. Bulgur is a nutty-flavoured grain made from whole-wheat kernels that have been steamed, dried and crushed…

45 Concord High School Year 7 Our recipe is Blueberry Chocolate Muffins. It is a chocolate muffin with added fresh blueberries and extra bran. Each muffin contains just 886kJ, 1.1g saturated fat and 4.1 g dietary fibre. Wholemeal flour is used instead of white flour. Wheat bran and oat bran are added to increase fibre. Raw sugar is reduced by ¼ cup to reduce energy. Fresh blueberries are added for flavour, fibre and more appealing to sale. Soy milk is used instead of dairy milk because it contains less saturated fat. Sunflower oil is reduced by 25ml to reduce saturated fat and energy. Blueberry Chocolate Muffins The outcome of the modifications is that we get a moist, delicious chocolate muffin with fresh blueberries added that is low in saturated fat, high in dietary fibre and contains moderate amount of calories. It is just too good to be true!

46 North Sydney Girls High School 7TC2 Campaign Materials: Website Posters TV advertisement... Honey Oat Quick Bread is an incredibly healthy bread with no sugar whatsoever. It is high in fibre and contains one serve of grain... Honey Oat Quick bread

47 North Sydney Girls High School 7TC4 Campaign Materials: Free samples Campaign presentation Poster Steamed Fruit Cake Poster... Other than its delicious nature, we believe steamed fruit cakes offer a great nutritional benefit, …its grain content and vitamin supplement...

48 Rooty Hill High School Year 7B Fruity Muesli Muffins Campaign Materials: Flyers Posters School Announcements... We noticed students eating choc chip muffins and doughnuts for snacks … so we thought we would come up with a muffin recipe that is healthy and would appeal to teenagers...... It also fits into the category of 4+ serves a day and contributes to the daily serving of grains of our students as they are not aware of the benefits of grains. We experimented the recipe a couple of times varying the ingredients and this was the recipe that had the best response from all students who tried it...

49 Rooty Hill High School Year 7EF Cheesy Herb and Bacon Scrolls Campaign Materials: Flyers Posters School Announcements Taste testing... The Scrolls are healthy, affordable and contributes to the daily serving of grains...... We decided to make this product because it contains grain based ingredients like wholemeal flour for the pastry and having one cheesy herb and bacon scroll contributes to half a serve of your daily intake of grains. We wanted to make a product that would be healthy and appealing to the students...

50 Rooty Hill High School Year 8 (4) Campaign Materials: PowerPoint Posters School Announcements...Our food product is suitable for all ages; that is why we are going to sell it at the school canteen because it’s a healthy choice and it contribute to our daily serves of grains.... Creamy Chicken and Vegetable Pasta... We tried the recipe a few times modifying and improving each time until we got the best product. We gave samples out and got a very positive feedback from all the students around the school. We approached the canteen and they thought this would be a really good seller as the students really do go for hot lunches...

51 Rooty Hill High School Year 8 (5/6) Tutti Fruity Bar Campaign Materials: PowerPoint Posters School Announcements... Fruity Tutti Bar is the perfect choice when I am feeling hungry and gives me long lasting energy......We chose promotional methods that are easy and fun to create. We chose to make posters, power points and short movie clip. We are positive that these strategies will catch everyone’s attention and that the product will sell really well...

52 School Name 2010 Showcase

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