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Mindari Session Helping teenagers deal with Bullying By ARC Brian See

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1 Mindari Session Helping teenagers deal with Bullying By ARC Brian See

2 Overview Introduction Look for the signs Gather information Suggest strategies Cyberbullying Strategies for you as a Leader of Youth

3 Introduction Bullying is becoming more common in schools. Some teenagers may be afraid or unable to do anything about it if they are being bullied. Bullying is not only physical but emotional harassment as well. Threats and torments. Remember: Bullying is a serious problem that should not be ignored or taken lightly. Cyberbullying, the new age harassment tool. If your teen or tween is being bullied, this guide can help them reduce or eliminate the situation.

4 Look for the Signs Physical Bullying Bruises or bleeding that they didn't leave home with. Anti-social behaviour. Youth not mixing or joining in games. Changes in eating habits. Change in mood.

5 Gather Information Sit down and have a conversation with them about incidents. It may be hard to get them to open up at first, but keep trying. Ask questions like who, what, where, when, and why. Record their answers, whether in your head or on a piece of paper. Ask witnesses. Friends or other scouts may have witnessed the incidents. They may have been bullied or threatened as well. Contact their parents and have them complete these steps. Phone or Email other leaders or adults who may have witnessed the events. It might have happened on a Jamboree or branch activity. They may not be aware of the situation.

6 Suggest Strategies Stay near a leader or adult. Bullies are usually afraid to get in too much trouble. If an adulot is nearby, they won't act. Don't let the bully make fun of you. Just keep telling yourself "what they say isn't true." and "so what?" They just want to make you look bad, probably because they want to be as good as you. Just walk away. If you're just tired of being bullied day after day, just say "NO!" tell them that what they say isn't true and to stop bullying you. Walk away and get rid of them. Ignore them. The bully wants a reaction. If you just keep thinking "so?" and stop reacting, they'll most likely go away. If the situation is identified to be in the school system, talk to their teacher, principal or school counselor. They will usually talk to the bully's parents, and solve the problem.

7 Cyberbullying A victim is tormented, threatened, harassed, humiliated, embarrassed or otherwise targeted by another person using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones. It's incredibly distressing and hurtful, not to mention hard to deal with. Follow the previous strategies Look for the signs Gather information Save every message Identify the person doing it, email address, screen names, profiles etc Strategies Never participate by replying to hurtful email or messages. Fuel the spurn Approach them in person. Hide behind the internet mask Contact the social media to remove. Inform the school. Press charges.

8 Strategies for Leaders of Youth Follow the suggested guidelines. Each situation is different. Involve the victim’s parents. Watch for further events Contact the parents of the bully Discuss the incidents. Figure out a plan for dealing with the situation. Ask that the bully be disciplined. Ask the witnesses to keep an eye out for further incidents. Special needs youth need protection even more as people can be cruel with those they see as different. Record details in your diary and fill in a form F18 Incident Report Follow Up Keep lines of communication open to your scout, the bully, their parents, and the witnesses. If the incidents do not stop despite your efforts, Report to higher authority. Legal Issues according to Personal Safety Guidelines and Procedures: 4.2 Scouts Australia (Qld Branch Inc) has a legal and moral responsibility to refer all reports of child abuse, neglect or sexual assault to the appropriate authorities which may include the Police and the Department of Child Safety. Complaints of this nature are referred to the appropriate authorities by Scout Headquarters. The person who is the first point of contact for such complaints must immediately follow the line system of management. Unsure of what to do? Contact your team leader.

9 Summary Look for the signs Physical, emotional distress Gather information Talk to the victim, witnesses other leaders and adults, school teachers Suggest strategies for teens or tweens How to avoid bullies Cyberbullying Email, text messages, social media Strategies for Leaders of Youth Stop the bullying Talk to bully and their parents to discuss events and work out an action plan. We have a line system of support. References: Safety Guidelines and Procedures Version 3.2 - June 2009.pdf Safety Guidelines and Procedures Version 3.2 - June 2009.pdf

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