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Southern Oil Collection and Southern Oil Refineries.

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1 Southern Oil Collection and Southern Oil Refineries

2 General Lube oils don’t wear out – they just get dirty Southern Oil Refineries operates a state of the art refinery that employs separation and extraction processes to extract the base oil from used oils. SOR was the first company in Australia to produce a fully re-refined lube-to-lube oil that qualifies for the maximum PSO. SOR operates 24/7 and processes approx. 30ML/a of used oil. In late 2010, JJ Richards & Sons became a partner in SOR. Southern Oil Collection is a fully licensed Waste Collector (EPA License 6650)

3 Lubricating Oil Life Cycle Virgin Lube oil (500 mL/a) Lubrication applications (cars, trucks, boats, agricultural, industrial) Used Oil Collected Used Oil Unaccounted (250 mL/a) (250 mL/a) (15%) (85%) Re-refining Dewatering, filtering & demineralising Base oil Industrial burner oil (Reblended as Mould release oil a lubricant) Approx. 63% of wet used oil is recoverable as base oil Residual fuel oils

4 Southern Oil Collection Pty Ltd SOR Refinery (partner) based in Wagga Wagga SOC Oil Collection operates in Greater Sydney area, and throughout Central West and Northern NSW Partnerships with Numerous Independent Collectors around NSW and Interstate Refinery operates 24/7

5 SOC Depots Southern Oil Collection has waste oil bulk depots in NSW at Gosford, Western Sydney and Orange.

6 What Can SOC Offer to Customers All Used Oil collected is re-refined via the most environmentally sustainable process in the industry – your used oil is re-refined and goes back into new lubricants to be used all over again. Used Oil Service – Free of Charge Service Used Filters and Rags – Negotiable Pricing Used Coolant – Negotiable Servicing of Pits and Separators – Negotiable Pricing For more Information visit our websites: Southern Oil Collection Pty Ltd PO Box 221 St Marys NSW 1790 Toll Free: 1800 245 036


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