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WELCOME TO ENVIROGREEN RECYCLING LTD. Welcome to Envirogreen Recycling.

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2 Welcome to Envirogreen Recycling

3 About Us Envirogreen Recycling is an innovative team that provides bespoke and eco-friendly recycling services to commercial customers throughout Ireland. We purchase baled paper, cardboard, plastic and metal at top prices. From inception in 2009 we have gone from strength to strength As we are a recycling company and not a waste company we are able to buy recyclables at top prices. We actively encourage best recycling practices to reduce landfill waste and to help protect the environment. We are fully licensed operator and we are completely transparent

4 About Us More All recyclables are recovered at our state of the art materials recovery facility based in Coalisland, Northern Ireland. We are constantly striving to reduce our carbon footprint. To help us achieve our aims we have introduced initiatives at our facility including water-saving toilets and taps and low energy consumption machinery to mitigate the effect of our operations on the environment and help achieve our target of becoming carbon friendly by 2011. We might be a new brand but the Envirogreen team possess years of material recovery expertise.

5 Our Services We provide scheduled and ad-hoc recycling services throughout Ireland. We purchase baled cardboard, plastic and at top prices and are shaking up the recycling industry. We currently buy baled paper, cardboard, paper and plastic at top prices while providing a quality service in doing so. We are the first company in Ireland to provide a mattress recycling service. We also provide a polystyrene recycling Service. We are on the cusp of introducing a new glass recycling service which will save on collection costs.

6 The materials we recycle are as follows: Cardboard – This can be baled or palletised. We are also able to recycle cardboard cores. Paper –All different grades Plastic – LDPE film, PET bottles, PET trays, HDPE bottles, mixed bottles Metals – We buy various different grades of metals Waste Transfer Notes are provided to all of our clients


8 Have you considered selling your cardboard and plastic, rather than paying for expensive skips to dispose of it

9 No Baler, No problem Through our baling partners we can install a baler on your site and buy baled cardboard, plastic film and plastic bottles Stop paying for expensive bins and skips today, start baling and start earning £££

10 The Collection Process Our friendly drivers will call and collect the recyclables from your site. The drivers will all be wearing hi-visibility vests and have ID cards. Once the material is loaded carefully onto the lorry, our driver will issue you with a unique recycling docket confirming how many bales were collected. The driver will then return back to our Recycling Facility and weigh the bales. Our office team we then upload the information to our innovative website for you to view

11 The Collection Process You will be provided with a secure login to view and print recycling reports online at your leisure and download a carbon saving recycling report detailing how many trees and how much Co2 and (the X amount of cars equivalent taken off the road through recycling)

12 Our Innovative Website

13 Reduce Your Carbon Footprint As we our environmental enthusiasts, we are actively striving to reduce our carbon footprint. We also help our clients do the same and achieve green accreditations Login to and see how much carbon you could save by joining Envirogreen


15 Awards Belfast Telegraph Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Finalist UTV Best Green Business Nominee 2010 Nominee Recycling All-Star Gold Award 2009 & 2010 2010 All-Ireland Green Service Initiative of the Year Winner 2010 Shell Grand Ideas Winner 2011 Ulster Bank NI Best Green Business Winner 2011 Ulster Bank "All-Ireland Best Green Business" Nominee 2011 Belfast Telegraph "Young Businessperson of the Year" Finalist

16 Why Use Envirogreen Recycling We may not be the largest recycling company, but we operate a lean and highly efficient business model. Nominated for Belfast Telegraph Business Award 2010. Irish Independent reviewed efficient recycling operator. Over 70 years waste management experience in our management team, including international recycling expertise. Proven ability to operate efficiently and effectively Innovative Recycling company that is proven to increase recycling rates. Availability of recycling reports

17 Detailed Carbon Footprint Reduction We are currently working with Rotary International on the Eradication of Polio initiative and we hope to raise vital funds through the sale of jute bags. We sponsor Irish Sporting Events – Irish Speed Boat Racing All of our profits are reinvested into the company to provide an even greater service. We are small family run company We provide work placements and are creating employment in all the provinces in Ireland.

18 Complete transparency and accountability Ongoing feedback and communication Innovative company always striving to recycle new materials. We are committed to working with and giving back to the community as shown by our clean up operations We have contracts with reprocessors so we have reliable outlets for recyclable materials. At Envirogreen Recycling, we put our Customers First !



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