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Mini Me Overview PPT.

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1 Mini Me Overview PPT

2 Parts of Mini Me Project
Mini Me Doll Questions and Answers Essay Visual Aid (PowerPoint or Poster) Presentation

3 Step One---Create Your Mini Me
Use an enlarged photo or drawing of yourself Your Mini Me should be as tall as a standard 11 inch piece of paper Your Mini Me must have your face You should professionally dress your Mini Me for whatever career or job he/she will be observing

4 Mini Me Doll Due Date Your professionally dressed Mini Me must be in class with you on A Day November 2nd B Day November 1st for a daily grade

5 Step 2--Select a Career and Mentor Answer Questions
Think about what career you would like to have Find an adult who works in the field you are interested in Ask an adult to mentor you for your Mini Me Project Fill in the Question and Answer paper with your mentor Question and Answer Sheets are due in class on A- Day – November 9th B- Day – November 8th Give your Mini Me to your mentor to take to work for one day Use your question and answer sheet to write a five paragraph essay about your career choice

6 Step 3--Give Your Mini ME to Your Mentor
Options: Personal delivery Mail Fax Make sure your mentor knows you must have your Mini Me back to make your presentation

7 Step 4--Write a Five Paragraph Essay
Use your questions and answers to write a five paragraph essay May be typed May be neatly hand written in blue or black ink on one side of the paper

8 Step 5--Create a Visual The visual should explain about the day in step by step graphics or pictures It may be actual pictures of Mini Me at work The student may draw pictures to demonstrate the work done that day Students will need to explain what is happening in each of the pictures

9 Step 6--The Presentation
Each student must present his/her Mini Me project A Day - November 13th B Day – November 14th All parts of the Mini Me Project are due on Presentation Day!!!

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