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MAKE YOUR DREAMS FOR YOUR FUTURE COME TRUE!. Ready, Set, GO College Night Tuesday October 18 th 6 PM.

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2 Ready, Set, GO College Night Tuesday October 18 th 6 PM

3 Planning for College Dream BIG But ALWAYS have a BACKUP PLAN!

4 Public VS Private Public – taxpayer dollars fund a great deal of costs for a public university Examples Armstrong, Ga Southern, Savannah Tech, Ogeechee Tech, UGA, GA Tech Private – most of the costs are met by private donations and higher tuition costs for the student. Many exceed $50,000 per year Examples Emory, SCAD, Berry, Mercer, South University, Harvard

5 In-State VS Out of State In state public schools are supported by state taxpayers so are cheaper for in state students Gaining admission to in-state schools is easier for in-state students Out of State Public schools are supported by taxpayers from that state and are much more expensive for GA students Admission is harder for GA students out of state public schools.

6 Check to Make Sure Your College has the major you are interested in! Majors: Nursing Engineering Biology Chemistry Accounting Music Art Information Technology Advisement Programs Pre-law Pre-dentistry Pre-medical Pre-Optometry Pre-physical therapy Pre-occupational therapy These advisement programs are available at ANY four year college!

7 The College You Can Choose to Attend Depends on…. Your College Admissions Test Scores Math sequence taken in high school Foreign Language – 2 units of the same foreign language required for four year colleges!

8 Math Sequence Four Math classes–minimum of: Math I Math II Math III Math III support or Math IV, ACCEL Math III, or Calculus Minimum for HS graduation Four Math classes- minimum of: Math I Math I with support Math II Math II with support Four Year College Requires:

9 College-Ready Transcript Example

10 Not College-Ready Transcript Example

11 Top Ten Tips for Getting Into College! 1.Research to discover which college is the best fit for you. We recommend that you use to do this! 2. Check out the requirements for your chosen college: GPA, SAT or ACT or COMPASS test requirements, essay, recommendations, etc. Each college has different requirements so you need to check this out!

12 3. Pay CLOSE attention to DEADLINES – these are posted on each college’s website. 4. Fill out the college application online – colleges prefer this. Each college has an application fee that you must also pay unless you tested on a fee wavier – in this case, see your counselor.

13 5. Make sure you have sent your SAT or ACT scores officially through the SAT College Board or ACT If your college requires the COMPASS Test, sign up with the college you have applied to for a time for COMPASS testing at the college.

14 6. Send your transcript to your college(s). This must be AN OFFICIAL transcript sent by ECHS. To send the transcript, fill out a transcript request form with Mrs. Harrelson and get a parent to sign if under 18. It is also online at the ECHS Counselor Website!

15 7. Check your application status on the college website to make sure all items have been received. 8. After January 1 st, apply for federal financial aid at You must not file before Jan 1 st since you use 2011 tax returns! Also apply for local scholarships using the ECHS counselor website.

16 9. After you are accepted, APPLY FOR HOUSING! GSU, UGA, Armstrong, Valdosta State, and many other colleges REQUIRE THAT YOU LIVE ON CAMPUS YOUR FRESHMAN YEAR UNLESS YOU SUBMIT AND RECEIVE AN EXEMPTION by signing a notarized statement that you are living at home. This form can be found on the housing website of your college.

17 10. APPLY FOR THE HOPE SCHOLARHIP (if eligible) or HOPE GRANT (all technical college applicants should apply) This application can be found on the website!

18 Several COLLEGES You May be interested ATTENDING

19 Armstrong Atlantic State University In Savannah 4 year college SAT or ACT required, 460 V, 430 math. ACT Eng=19 Math=18 Fabulous opportunities in health related careers (nursing, physical therapy, radiation tech, etc.) Must live on campus unless living with parent

20 Savannah Technical College Savannah and Effingham Campus TP or CP students Only COMPASS Test required HOPE GRANT applies Some core classes may transfer to 2 and 4 year college Special opportunity to use HOPE Grant to earn HOPE Scholarship

21 SAVANNAH STATE UNIVERSITY 4 year college One of the oldest HBCU (Historically Black College & Universities in nation Special program for a few students who do not meet regular admissions standards

22 Georgia Southern University In Statesboro Minimum SAT: Math +verbal= 1010 Minimum ACT Comp = 21 Can do summer Eagle Incentive if SAT math+verbal= 920-1000 or ACT=20 Required to live on campus next year unless living with parents.

23 EAST GEORGIA COLLEGE Cooperative Program Between GA Southern University And East Georgia College Has Been Created Just For You! East GA College has a satellite campus on GSU campus in Statesboro! Main campus in Swainsboro now has dorms! No need to take SAT – take COMPASS instead You may take the SAT or ACT Enjoy most benefits of GSU student Tech or College Prep Transfer to GSU after completing 30 semester hours

24 Ogeechee Technical College Statesboro GA Programs in many health areas, vet tech, dental assisting, funeral science, catering, business, electrical, horticulture, CAD Requires COMPASS test HOPE Grant pays TP or CP students

25 Middle Georgia College In Cochran (2 hr away) 2 year college with some four year degree programs COMPASS Test Required Special programs in aviation, flight instruction and aircraft maintenance Great opportunities in nursing, surveying, and occupational therapy assistant

26 Georgia Institute of Technology Located in Atlanta Can begin engineering studies at Armstrong or GA Southern student and transfer to GA Tech One of the top 7 engineering schools in the USA. Encourages COOP programs Wonderful programs in business and sciences

27 University of South Carolina – Beaufort – Bluffton Campus Effingham residents pay South Carolina tuition (not out of state tuition) HOPE Scholarship cannot be used Advantages – close by, can commute or live on campus

28 Valdosta State University In Valdosta (3 hr away) 4 year college SAT or ACT required: Freshmen required to live on campus.

29 South Georgia College Located in Douglas 2 year college COMPASS test required, ACT or SAT recommended if planning to transfer RN Nursing program

30 ABAC Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College 2 year college in Tifton Also houses some technical programs Has transfer programs with UGA (you can get a UGA degree without leaving Tifton) RN nursing program. Accepts college prep and tech prep students.

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