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Professional School Counselors & Career Development Update Dr. Myrel Seigler, Program Manager Jackie Melendez, Program Specialist.

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1 Professional School Counselors & Career Development Update Dr. Myrel Seigler, Program Manager Jackie Melendez, Program Specialist Vivian Snyder, Program Specialist 10/12/20141 Winter Professional Learning Conference

2 College & Career Ready Performance Index Elementary: 17 Cluster Activities & Portfolio Middle School: 2 career-related assessments and completion of an Individual Graduation Plan High School: Capstone Project (coming) 10/12/20142

3 What Drives Our WORK? 10/12/20143 FEDERAL Perkins Legislation FEDERAL Perkins Legislation STATE HB 400 (BRIDGE) HB 186 HB 713 STATE HB 400 (BRIDGE) HB 186 HB 713 AGENCY College & Career Ready Performance Index College & Career Ready Counseling for ALL Students

4 Federal Perkins IV CAREER GUIDANCE AND ACADEMIC COUNSELING.—The term ‘career guidance and academic counseling’ means guidance and counseling that – (A) provides access for students (and parents, as appropriate) to information regarding career awareness and planning with respect to an individual’s occupational and academic future; and – (B) provides information with respect to career options, financial aid, and postsecondary options, including baccalaureate degree programs. 10/12/20144

5 Georgia HB 400/BRIDGE Mandates 6-12 system of advisement for ALL students through a systematic, comprehensive and developmental advisement process (CCRPI) Mandates 6-8 educational and career planning to result in an individual graduation plan prior to the end of the second semester of the 8th grade (CCRPI) Mandates continued annual advisement 9-12 10/12/20145

6 Georgia HB 186 House Bill 186 mandates that Georgia will align with the 16 Federal Career Cluster framework (CCRPI) Develop appropriate forms and counseling guidelines for dual credit coursework; inform 8- 11 grade students prior to April 1. To provide for collaboration with the Department of Education to enable high school students to attain soft skills certification 10/12/20146

7 Georgia HB 713 The State Board of Education shall prescribe a minimum course of study in career education for students in grades kindergarten through 12. Such minimum course of study shall be age appropriate and shall include, but not be limited to, career awareness, career exploration, and career oriented learning experiences." 10/12/20147

8 New Advisement RuleAdvisement Rule 10/12/20148

9 BRIDGE Checklist/ Career Information System 10/12/20149

10 purpose of organizing educational programs and curricula Career Clusters represent a grouping of occupations according to common knowledge and skills for the purpose of organizing educational programs and curricula Career Pathways are coherent, articulated sequences of rigorous academic and career/technical courses, usually beginning in the 9th grade and leads to some type of credential including a baccalaureate degree or more. Career Clusters/Pathways

11 Career Development Model OCCUPATION Elementary Teacher $54,200 2012 Average Salary/1,810 PERKINS/ “high-skilled, high-wage, high-demand” PATHWAY Teaching as a Profession Cluster Education & Training Represents a Narrowing Process Elementary to Middle to High School and beyond

12 Career Development Process 1, 2, 3, as simple as A, B, C Who Am I? Interest, Aptitudes, Values (CCRPI) Where Am I Going? Investigation of the world-of-work; Exposure; Experience (Work- based Learning) CCRPI How Am I Going to Get There? Management to formulate a plan (Individual Graduation Plan/CCRPI) 10/12/201412

13 Dual Enrollment Guidance in grades 8-11 Student activities at each grade level regarding dual credit opportunities as part of the TAA program 10/12/201413 These activities are located on GAcollege411 under the “Middle and High School Educators” at the bottom of the homepage.

14 Counselor-Supported TAA Middle School Scope and Sequence 10/12/201414

15 TAA High School Scope and Sequence 10/12/201415

16 Soft Skills/Habitudes HABITUDES-hab·i·tude (hb-td, -tyd) n. A habitual tendency or way of behaving Objective: To implement an instructional advisement pilot program during the 2012-2013 school year in 33 high schools representing each of the 16 Regional Education Service Agencies and State Schools across the state, that will incorporate character education and the teaching of soft skills. 10/12/201416

17 Dr. John D. Barge, State School Superintendent “Making Education Work for All Georgians” Anticipated Outcomes Improved School Attendance/Achievement Improved School Culture Improved Student/Teacher Relations Enhanced Teachers As Advisors Program Data Collected to Assess the program 3/28/201117

18 Elementary Activities/Portfolio 10/12/201418 Elementary Scope & Sequence of Activities: GradeCluster Activity 1stAgriculture, Food & Natural Resources Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Law, Public Safety & Security 2ndArts, A/V Technology & Communications Health Science Education & Training 3rdHospitality & Tourism Human Services Energy 4thScience, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Manufacturing Business Management & Administration Architecture & Construction 5thFinance Information Technology Marketing Government & Public Administration 5 th grade students create a portfolio: Required during 5th grade (2016-17) Capstone Project format  Career Research  Writing Component and Standards  Presentation Guidance available at m-Instruction-and- Assessment/CTAE/Pages/Counsel or-Information-.aspx m-Instruction-and- Assessment/CTAE/Pages/Counsel or-Information-.aspx

19 Assessments/IGP Developed CCRPI guidelines for middle grade students to complete two career-related assessments including students with disabilities Developed CCRPI guidelines for all 8 th grade students to complete an individual graduation plan in compliance with HB 400 Revised Student Advisement policy to reflect legislation Guidance is located at Assessment/CTAE/Pages/Counselor-Information-.aspx Assessment/CTAE/Pages/Counselor-Information-.aspx 10/12/201419

20 High School CCRPI Pathway Completers Industry Credentials/End of Pathway Assessments Remediation/Learning Support/Scores on AP/SAT/ACT Dual Credit Opportunities/AP/IB 10/12/201420

21 (Capstone Project) or WBL Major components of capstone project: – Research – Application of research to produce a “product” – Maintain a portfolio of the process – Presentation Will move to the face of CCRPI in fall 2016 10/12/201421

22 10/12/201422

23 10/12/201423

24 The School Social Worker Enhance the school’s ability to meet academic achievement by focusing on home to school interventions and preventions Focus is on attendance, family and student issues, and attendance Nonattendance is viewed as a symptom of underlying problems that should be addressed

25 School Social Worker Strategies Participate as a member of the school leadership team Assist in the development and implementation with academic and behavior areas Provide targeted services for at-risk students Assess services/programs currently provided and identify opportunities for school-wide supports The Changing Role of the School Worker, NASWII

26 Do we have a “minimum course of study in career education”? NO, but we are moving to comply with the law. 17 Career Cluster Activities at the elementary level in grades 1-5 Model TAA program with activities addressing all three ASCA and National Career Development domains (Academic, Personal/Social and Career Management) in grades 6-12 10/12/201426

27 10/12/201427

28 10/12/201428

29 10/12/201429

30 10/12/201430

31 10/12/201431

32 10/12/201432


34 CTAE Resource Network Remember your password is the first three letters of your last name followed by the last four digits of your SSN. No spaces!

35 Thank you for attending. If you need further assistance or have other questions, please email me at or call at 404-657-8324.

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