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Myra Pannell Research and Curriculum Unit Mississippi State University.

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1 Myra Pannell Research and Curriculum Unit Mississippi State University

2  Assist students in selecting their appropriate graduation pathway  Increase attendance rates, high school GPA, and scores on statewide tests in secondary schools  Increase enrollment in dual-credit courses  Higher rates of postsecondary (PS) enrollment and completion  Decrease remediation at the PS level  Higher skilled employees in the workforce

3 See this handout on Mississippi Students’ Pathway to Success.

4 K–5: Career Awareness Introduction to the world of careers 6–8: Career Exploration Discovering areas of career interests and aptitudes 8: Individual Career and Academic Plan Choosing a career cluster and career pathway(can change easily at any time) 9–12: Career Preparation Academics and Career and Technical education courses, intensive guidance, individual Career and Academic Plans Post-secondary: Career Preparation Achieving credentials: college, certification, military Employment: Career Advancement Continuing education and lifelong learning

5  Career Clusters are groupings of similar occupations and industries.  Mississippi uses the 16 national clusters.  Example:


7  Are broad groups of careers that share similar characteristics within a career cluster Example: Early Childhood Education is a career pathway in the Human Services cluster.

8  Prepare today's students for tomorrow’s jobs  Connect students with knowledge and skills for success in college and career  Motivate students to enroll in more rigorous and relevant courses  Guide students from high school into career

9  District-developed, sequential set of courses  Includes academic core courses Coherent, challenging and relevant to real-world situations Aligned to common core standards  Includes elective courses Logical and challenging Aligned to industry-recognized standards Aligned to College Readiness Standards

10  Leads to multiple exit points Associate’s or bachelor’s degree Certificate at the postsecondary level Industry-recognized credential  Aligns to Articulated credit opportunities Dual enrollment opportunities

11  A student’s guide that helps him or her establish and achieve career and academic goals for success after high school  Provides mentoring and guidance to assist students in career pathway planning  Helps identify correct graduation pathway options  Supports changes to meet student needs and ambitions  Transitions into a profession or postsecondary educational major

12  Students will be introduced to career options in the 6th-7th grades.  Spring pre-registration  All 8 th grade public school students in Mississippi Should select a program of study (major). Develop an iCAP based on this major with input from counselors, mentor teachers, and parents.  In the following years, iCAP will be developed for all incoming 8 th graders.  Students will revise iCAP each year in grades 9-12.

13 Multiple pathway options to a standard diploma Career Pathway Option (21 Credits LAW) (MS Code 37-16-17) Or Traditional Pathway Option (24 Credits minimum) Or District Pathway Option (21 Credits minimum) Or MS Early Exit Exam Option Applies only to students in a State Board of Education (SBE) approved Innovative Program (17.5 Credits minimum)

14 See Handout on Graduation Pathways

15  Innovative High School Models  Traditional high school route  Excellence for All  Career Academies  Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment  Early College High School (ECHS)  MS Works

16  Open to all high school students  May include a cohort of students  May include all students at school  Students may exit after successful completion of lower division OR  Students may continue the high school experience in the upper division  Locations  Corinth (Cambridge)  Clarksdale (Cambridge)  Lamar County (ACT)  Columbia (ACT)  Gulfport (ACT Innovations)

17  Open to all high school students  May be a cohort of students (pocket academies)  May include all students (wall-to-wall academies)  Students exit the Career Academy in the typical four years required for high school  Locations  Rankin County  Meridian  Gulfport  Madison County  Lamar County  Clinton  Lincoln County  George County  Hattiesburg

18  Open to all high school students who meet entrance criteria established by college  Dual credit/dual enrollment does not impact exit time unless combined with another option  Locations  Many schools offer opportunities for dual credit/dual enrollment  2012-2013, 42 MS school districts awarded dual credit

19  At-risk students or recent dropouts  Students must be between ages 16 and 21  Students exit the MS Works program at the point they earn their high school diploma or at age 21  All community colleges must implement  MS Works Task Force recommendations ready by Fall 2013  Locations  Hinds CC/Rankin-Pearl  Copiah-Lincoln CC/Lincoln County

20  Open to all students in school  Targets at-risk or first-generation college students  Implementation involves a cohort group meeting specified criteria  A new small high school usually located on a college campus  Students enter in 9th grade after selection based on specified criteria and application  Last two years are almost all dual-credit college courses  High school and college provide extensive student support services for success in college courses  Support available through the Early College High School Initiative  Students enter the ECHS in 9th grade; programs are designed to complete high school and AA/AAS degree in four to five years  Locations  In planning stage

21 For information concerning Pathways to Success or MS Innovative High School Models, please contact: Myra Pannell Research and Curriculum Unit Mississippi State University 662.325.3305

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