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Cherokee High School 2013-2014 Believe in the Strength of the Warrior Nation! High School Credit Courses in Middle School.

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1 Cherokee High School 2013-2014 Believe in the Strength of the Warrior Nation! High School Credit Courses in Middle School

2 “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from indomitable will.” ~Mahatma Ghandi

3 Administration


5 Guidance Counselors Guidance Counselors are available to students for a wide variety of services:  Academic Counseling  College and Career Counseling  Recommendations  Social/Emotional  Parent Conferences/Reviews

6 Guidance Counselors Students with the LAST NAME beginning with the letters: A-ErTracy Tuck Es-LedSonia Murillo Lee-RodGayle Cuomo Rog-ZKaren Holton

7 High School credits in Middle school  High School Offerings in middle school are a great way for gifted and high achieving students to begin their course work in preparation for advanced course work in high school.  Advanced Placement courses for college credit  Career Pathways  Foreign language (Spanish, French, Latin and American Sign Language)  Band, drama, JROTC, or chorus

8 High School credits in Middle school  High school credit is issued by Cherokee High School so high school policies will be recognized:  Attendance Policy-the State of Georgia has a “seat time” requirement that requires 150 hours of seat time per year per subject. Students in high school do not receive credit if they are absent (excused or unexcused) from the class period more than 6 days per semester. An attendance waiver committee can be convened in special circumstances for excused absences.

9 High School credits in Middle school  Once credit has been issued, the credit and grade will remain on the transcript.  Student and parent elects to remain in the class after the “drop deadline”  Student completes the course and takes the required SLO (Spanish) or EOCT (Honors/Accelerated Algebra, Physical Science)

10 High School credits in Middle school  Current research has shown that the most successful College freshmen are students who have taken a rigorous course load during their SENIOR year of high school.

11 Typical Freshman schedule No HS creditsSpanish CreditPhysical Science/ Honors Algebra Spanish, Phy Sci./ Honors Algebra 9 th Grade Literature Honor’s 9 th Literature Honor’s 9 th Lit/Regular Honor’s 9 th Literature AlgebraAlgebra/Honor’s Algebra Honors/Accel Geo Biology/Physical Science Biology/Honor’s Bio/AP Bio/Phy Sci Honors Biology/AP Biology World Geography/Electi ve Honor’s World Geography/AP Human Foreign Language I Honor’s Spanish II Honors Spanish II PE/Health or Elective

12 Typical Math schedule 8th Grade Honors Algebra/Geo 9th Grade Honors Geometry/Adv Alegebra 10 th Grade AP Statistics

13 Typical Math schedule 11 th Honors: Pre-Calculus 12 th Grade AP Calculus

14 Typical Science schedule Physical Science Honors Biology/AP Biology Honors Chemistry/AP Chemistry

15 Typical Science schedule Honors Physics/AP Physics 4 th Science Option

16 Typical Spanish Schedule 10 th Grade Honors Spanish III 9 th Grade Honors Spanish II 8 th Grade Spanish I

17 Typical Spanish Schedule GRADUATION! Other Electives 11 th Grade Spanish IV or AP Spanish or another Foreign Language

18 Advantages of HS Credit during MS  Opportunities for advanced course work in high school.  Rigorous program of study  Preparation for the rigors of high school  Challenge  Like-minded peer group who are serious about their education.

19 Advantages of HS Credit during MS  Academic rigor too much NOW. If students leave the accelerated track, they could have the potential of not returning when if they had waited another year would be cognitively ready for the challenge.

20 The low down…  Have high but reasonable expectations  If this is not the time for the acceleration of curriculum, it could be the right time soon.  Encourage your students to have other interest including sports, clubs, church, outside activities, hobbies.

21 SAT Scores Critical Reading MathWritingTotal SY 2006-075065034871496 SY 2007-08518.952519.389496.157153.45 SY 2008-09520 4971527 SY 2009-105355465251606 SY 2010-115215365021559 SY 2011-125425365191597

22 Princeton review A shorter, 18-hour course for self- starters that focuses on the essential test elements. Starts at $599 depending on location.

23 Princeton review Warriors can take the 18 Hour Princeton Review for the price of materials: $70 which includes two manuals and four practice test graded by Princeton.

24 Partner Power We have a partner in education who has generously offered to pay ½ the cost of an ACT or SAT if students complete the 18 Hour Princeton Review Course!

25 Advanced Placement: AP Courses  AP, Honors and College Prep Course Work 21 AP Course Offerings  Science: Biology, Physics B, Physics C, Environmental Science, Chemistry  Math: Statistics, Calculus  English: Language, Literature  Social Studies: Macro Econ, Micro Econ, Government, US History, World History, Human Geography, Psychology  Foreign Language: Spanish, Latin  Electives: Music Theory, Art Design, Computer Science

26 Advanced Placement: AP Courses

27 Relevance: Pathways Pathway Completion  Advanced Academics  World Language  Fine Arts  Career Tech

28 Rigor Components: HOPE  HB 326 have added new HOPE Rigor Requirements:  Class of 2017 and beyond- must have FOUR credits from the following:  Advanced Math: Adv Alg, Calculus, Pre-Cal  Advanced Science: Chemistry, Physics, or High course  Advanced Placement Courses: English, Math, Science, Social Studies or Foreign Language  Courses taken at the University System of Georgia  Advanced Foreign Language Courses



31 Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior




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