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What is Government? SS7CG4; SS7CG5.

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1 What is Government? SS7CG4; SS7CG5

2 Your Definition

3 Definition Government: the institution through which society creates and enforces laws.

4 What is the purpose of the government of the United States?
To serve the people of the United States.

5 What is the purpose of the government of the United States?
“To form a more perfect Union…” “To establish justice…” “Ensure domestic tranquility…” “To provide for the common defense…” “To promote the general welfare…” “To secure the blessings of Liberty…”

6 How are governments created?
The United States government was created by the US Constitution. Before they became the United States, who were the 13 American Colonies tied to politically? What document legally separated the Colonies from England?

7 Governments of SW Asia Parliamentary Democracy: (Israel) form of democracy in which the party with the most members of parliament has control; leader of the party becomes prime minister or chancellor. Monarchy: (Saudi Arabia) political system based on the rule of a single person; usually gains power through their family (Ex: King or Queen) Theocracy: (Iran) government ruled by a religion; leaders are generally church leaders; religious law is the law of the land.

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