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Math Fun for Holidays and Every Day of the Year

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1 Math Fun for Holidays and Every Day of the Year
Christine Scheffel

2 High School Math Resources

3 September Variety of Math Worksheets for Every Holiday
Seating Chart Activity Labor Day Graph Puzzle Worksheets – place value, big numbers, palindromes, patterns in numbers, time problems, math crossword Constitution Day – order of operations Constitution Day Number Trivia RTI Documentation – weekly, grid, checklist Formula Matching – Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Statistics/Precalculus/Calculus Quick Integer Facts Multiplication Facts Flash Name & Vocabulary Word Introduction

4 October Variety of Math Worksheets for Every Holiday
Metric week – prefixes, history, trivia facts, guessing games, conversions, equivalencies, vocabulary, measurement Columbus Day Graph Halloween Graph Halloween Song for Order of Operations, trivia facts, venn diagram, pumpkin relay, cryptograms, crosswords, word search and scramble Halloween Math Problem Solving Worksheets Metric Conversions KHDUDCM Metric Trivia Halloween Math Problems October

5 November Variety of Math Worksheets for Every Holiday
Voting Math Problem Solving Veteran’s Day Graph Thanksgiving crossword, problem solving, word scramble and search, relay problems, multiplication facts, trivia facts, and graph

6 December Variety of Math Worksheets for Every Holiday
Christmas Graphs, Problem solving worksheets, relay problems, multiplication facts, crossword, maze, counting shapes, calculator activity, number stumper, reading and creating bar/circle/line graphs 12 Days of Christmas Tree Stumper

7 January Variety of Math Worksheets for Every Holiday Snowman graph
Snow Flake activity Winter Olympic Problem Solving Winter problem solving Martin Luther King crossword, addition & subtraction facts, word scramble and search Super Bowl Scavenger Hunt Ideas for 100th Day of School National Puzzle Day Activity –

8 February Variety of Math Worksheets for Every Holiday
Groundhog Day problem solving Valentine’s Day Graph, Relay, problem solving, mathematical valentines Work Keys Reading Strategy – SQRR Most Cost Effective Option Problems

9 March Variety of Math Worksheets for Every Holiday
Pi Day Activities – memorization contest, numbers in hallway, power point, songs, story, measurement activity, trivia facts, bulletin board, etc. St. Patrick’s Day graph, basic math facts, relay problems Spring Problem Solving Pi Day Guess the Phrase Pi Day Powerpoint Presentation

10 April Variety of Math Worksheets for Every Holiday
April Fool’s Day graph Easter graph, relay problems, egg hunt, problem solving Earth Day problem solving

11 May Variety of Math Worksheets for Every Holiday May Day Graph
Problem Solving Worksheets – fractions, multiples, impossibilities, possibilities, statistics, math riddles, critical thinking puzzles Mother’s Day Problem Solving Summer relay problems

12 Newest Activities Connect Four Divisibility Dot Game Puzzle Game
Scavenger Hunt Scrambled Eggs Slope, Midpoint, Distance, Equation of line Timanye’s Testing Tips Trifold Pairs/My Turn, Your Turn

13 Bulletin Board Ideas August – pictures of last year’s mathemagicians
September – Constitution Day Math October – Metric Week, Math Isn’t Scary November – We are Thankful for…, Even the Pilgrims Used Math December - Factoring in a White Christmas, Multiples of Holiday Blessings, Count Down to Exams January – I Have A Dream of Math, New Year’s Math Resolutions, Snowflake Symmetry February – Mathematical Valentines, Black History Month Mathematicians/Scientists March – St. Patrick’s Math Limericks, Symmetrical Shamrocks, History of Pi, Women’s History Month Mathematicians /Scientists April – Easter/Spring Geometry Collage, Tessellations on Eggs, Graph projects using reflections, rotations, and translations May – Count Down to Exams/Summer, What I Learned this Year, My Favorite Math Concept

14 Resources Math books, other teachers, creative ideas of my own
Cartesian Cartoons Holiday Book by Mystery Media about $40 a year free free Math posters in lab –

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