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Lake County Schools Investing In Excellence! College and Career Readiness Academic Services April 2013.

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1 Lake County Schools Investing In Excellence! College and Career Readiness Academic Services April 2013

2 AP Seminar For AP English Language and Composition WELCOME Academic Services April 2013

3 Community Builder: Just like me….. 1.One person begins introducing themselves to the group 2.When another person in the audience hears something the previous person shared that is “just like them” the chime in say “ that’s just like me” 3.The person that chimed in saying “ that’s just like me begins introducing themselves starting with the connection from the previous person. 4.Repeat step 2 and 3 until all members in the audience have introduced themselves.

4 Students will share with the class one strategy or tip they will use on exam day I DO Instructor will review the 21st Centry skills and AP success stats with students and make a conncetion to the AP Seminar Instructor will review specific content for AP course of study WE DO Instructor and students will utilize test taking strategies to answer multiple choice and free response answers YOU DO Students will utilize materials from the AP Seminar to study for AP exam April 6 & April 27 2013 Learning Goal : Learners will understand and implement effective test taking strategies for passing AP exams. Objective Learners will: utilize content knowledge learned in AP courses coupled with effective test taking strategies to increase pass rate by completing practice AP test questions Bellwork: Community Builder Strategic Plan Goal # 1 Increased Student Achievement NEXT STEPS: 1.Utilize new learning and implement on AP exam 2.Continue to study for AP exam Benchmarks: Exit Activity Essential Question: How do we revolutionize the way we teach, lead, and learn for 21 st century success? Common Language: Advanced Placement Effective Strategies

5 21 st Century Skills Tony Wagner, The Global Achievement Gap 1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 2. Collaboration and Leadership 3. Agility and Adaptability 4. Initiative and Entrepreneurialism 5. Effective Oral and Written Communication 6. Accessing and Analyzing Information 7. Curiosity and Imagination Academic Services

6 Positive Statistics Hurray Lake County Schools Lake County Schools…. –Named to the College Board District Honor Roll

7 Content Overview Close Reading of The Gettysburg Address; allow students 5-8 minutes - Individually. During that time the students should UNRAaVEL the material noting Vocab, Tone, and author techniques. Divide into groups of four to five Now, in their groups the students should discuss SOAPStone while the Instructor circulates. NEVER fall for false analogies. I know we use them a lot, however, you need to be smarter than a … Allow 15 minutes for this activity. As a whole group have a “brief” five minute wrap up from each groups findings.

8 Strategies and Practice: Multiple Choice 5 Minute overview of the MC section –Number and type of readings –Length (60 minutes) –No penalty for “guessing” –45% of exam grade –Preview the questions before reading the passage – DON’T SPEND MORE THAN 2-3 MINUTES –Read the passage, making sure to annotate as you read

9 Stem Questions Distribute and quickly review Types of Stems Have students read Once More To The Lake as a group (5 – 8 minutes) Have each group compose 2 highlighted questions from each of the 5 tested categories: (15 minutes) –Questions about Rhetoric –Questions about the Author’s Meaning and Purpose –Questions about the Main Idea –Questions about Organization and Structure –Questions about Rhetorical Modes Round robin, ask and answer questions. (5 minutes) Collect group questions – they will be returned to their AP teacher

10 Strategies and Practice: Free Response 5 Minutes review of the 3 types of essays: –Synthesis –Rhetorical analysis –Argumentative Testing conditions –You will have 2 Hours and 15 minutes; the 15 minutes should be used to read and annotate the documents associated with the Synthesis question All essays have the same point value The essay portion of the exam is 55% of the Exam

11 Synthesis Question 20 Minutes Difference DBQ and Synthesis Question from College Board –YOU ARE ANALYZING (Synthesis) NOT SUMMARIZING (DBQ) Break down the prompt –What are you being asked to do? Cues, questions, and advanced organizers Generating and testing hypothesis Summarizing and note taking Types of documents the student can expect Remember you MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES IN YOUR ESSAY Review the 2012 Synthesis question documents and prompt –Brief discussion of what’s asked –Show student examples, review “top score”

12 Rhetorical Analysis Question (20 Minutes) This essay requires you to get into the mind of the author. What was it he/she wanted their audience, and by extension you, to know? Most importantly, the prompt will ask you how the author developed their point – those rhetorical terms and devices. You MUST live in the document You MUST specifically cite line numbers and/or quote from the source making sure you explain why you chose the material and what it is (zeugma, synecdoche, what have you). Now, look at the 2012 Rhetorical Analysis Prompt and write your opening paragraph. We will collect it and return it to your AP teacher

13 Argumentative Question (20 minutes) I hate to tell you this, but you actually have to take a stand and prove your point. You MUST use the active voice –Never, ever “think” or “believe” after all YOU ARE THE AUTHOR OF THIS ESSAY Acknowledge and refute the counter argument. Now look at the 2012 Argumentative Question and write your thesis and bullet point your outline – what is your argument and what are your points We will collect these and return them to your AP teacher.

14 Exit Activity With a shoulder partner, turn and talk about one strategy you will utilize on your AP exam and why.

15 Lake County Schools Investing In Excellence! College and Career Readiness Academic Services April 2013

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