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What is Theory Compiled by Shankar M.M

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1 What is Theory Compiled by Shankar M.M

2 Flow Chart of Thesis

3 Theory is representation of Reality Need Hierarchy Theory of Motivation Transtheoretical Model – Change Mgmt Theory of Relativity Big Bang Theory Social Learning Theory etc.. Y= a+β 1 *X 1 + β 2 *X 2 +ε CONCEPTS DIM2DIM3DIM1 V1V2V3V4V5V6 Set of concepts or principles undergone scientific process

4 Units of Theory Domain – it specify the scope of the theory in terms of the part of the reality Concepts – Ideas or labels agreed upon scholar & tools for communication Premises – Assumptions based on which theory build Definitional Statements – contain both conceptual and operational Propositions - Output of the theory Hypotheses - Proposition converted into hypotheses by assigning measurable indicators to concepts prior to as part of the empirical verification process Variables - label or item has different values for different object Source : B.S. Pawar., (2002) Theory Building for Hypothesis Specification in Organizational Studies, Response publication

5 Sort of Analogy: Parts of Human Being vs. Units of Theory BrainConcepts Hands Legs Variables Hypothesis Heart ThighPremises mouth Definitions Variables Proposition Kind of HBDomain

6 What is Theory It would be nice if we could carry reality around in our heads and use it to make our decisions. Unfortunately, no head is that big. So we carry around theories, or models, instead: conceptual frameworks that simplify the reality to help us understand it. Hence, these theories better be good! There are ideas systematically prepared for authentication is called theories - Thomas Sowell No theory, no learning - Dr. Edwards Demming Concepts without perceptions are empty; perceptions without concepts are blind - Immanuel Kant the theory must help in explaining to the world that economies is attempting to understand, and a partial explanation is better than none - George Stigler a central purpose of management education is to encourage the development of wisdom. This requires a thoughtful atmosphere in the classroom, where individuals can probe into their own experience, primed by interesting ideas, concepts, theories - Mintzberg

7 Theory is dirty word in some managerial quarters. That is rather curious, because all of us, managers especially, can no more get along without theories than libraries can get along without catalogs- and for the same reason: theories help us make sense of incoming information. Statistics can certainly pronounce a fact, but they cannot explain it without an underlying context or theory Theory and measurement obviously depend on each other, but clearly theory is the senior partner. A correct theory combined with a measurement is impregnable; a measurement without a theory is a statistical orphan. Theories are not judged based on their complexity, but rather on their usefulness to predict, prescribe or explain; or as chinas former communist leader Deng Xiaoping used to say: It doesnt matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice. What is Theory


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