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HERI Presentation 2005 Higher Education Reform Initiatives (HERI) UNSW Student Services December 2004 Update for UNSW Staff.

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1 HERI Presentation 2005 Higher Education Reform Initiatives (HERI) UNSW Student Services December 2004 Update for UNSW Staff

2 HERI Presentation   HESA Legislation: HELAB #3 – Update   HERI Project Update: Key Dates   myUNSW: Online Acceptances; Enrolments   Postgraduate Programs – Fee classification   Faculty publications / websites review   Resources: Service Centre, myUNSW   Q&A Introduction : Today’s Focus

3 Higher Education Reforms  Provisions and requirements legislated through Higher Education Support Act (2003)  HESA Legislation: HELAB #3 Legislation passed 9 December  UNSW Impacts: OS-HELP Cross-institutional Enrolments Commonwealth Learning Scholarships HERI Presentation

4 OS-HELP  What it is  Loan to assist eligible Commonwealth supported students who wish to study one or two study periods overseas.  Commonwealth supported students (CSS) who are Australian citizens or holders of an Australian PR humanitarian visa are eligible for OS-HELP.  Need to have completed 1 EFTSL to be eligible and not be in last year of program  Up to $5,000 per study period  20% loan fee applicable  Action  UNSW will advertise availability of these loans [through International Exchange office]  Students need to apply – not expected that many will do this before Session 2 2005 HERI Presentation

5 Cross-Institutional Enrolments  What it is  Award students at other HEPs studying courses at UNSW towards their HEP award  Eligible students now able to qualify for Commonwealth assistance for C-IE  Reciprocity principle applies between HEPs  Action  UNSW has established guidelines and procedures for C-IE – administered by Admissions Office  Students must supply proof of eligibility  Students who are C’Wealth assisted at their home HEP will be assessed as C’Wealth assisted at UNSW  Students who are tuition fee payers at their home HEP will be charged tuition fees at UNSW for CIE courses, and may apply for FEE-HELP HERI Presentation

6 Commonwealth Learning Scholarships  What it is  Introduced to assist students from low socio-economic backgrounds  For Australian citizens or holders of Australian PR humanitarian visas  Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarships (CECS) to assist with general education costs  Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarships (CAS) to assist with accommodation costs.  HELAB3 clarifies CLS provisions and value: 2005 CECS: $2042; CAS: $4084  Action  UNSW has been allocated 109 CECS and 82 CAS for 2005 [30 CAS allocated to indigenous students]  Applications have closed – some preliminary offers made to eligible commencers [subject to enrolling at UNSW and meeting Centrelink criteria]  Further applications may be invited in order to ensure that all CLSs are awarded HERI Presentation

7 HERI Project Update   Key Dates and Milestones

8 HERI Presentation myUNSW: Online Acceptances, Enrolments   Status   [at start of business, Tuesday 14 December]   7524 Commonwealth Support forms completed in total   Includes 479 FEE-HELP applications ___________________   Online Pre-enrolment process – Commonwealth support applications   Watch a ‘ScreenCam’ view of the process!

9 HERI Presentation Postgraduate Commonwealth Supported Places   Postgraduate Local coursework places have been divided into Commonwealth Supported Programs [CSP] or Tuition Fee Paying Programs [TFPP]   Full list of CSP and TFPP available on:     Students enrolling in a TFPP who satisfy eligibility criteria can apply for a Postgraduate Equity Commonwealth Supported Place   Students must apply   If successful, students are permitted to replace their fee-paying place with a Commonwealth supported place

10 HERI Presentation Faculty Publications / Websites review   HESA   introduces HELP suite of financial assistance programs   These replace HECS, PELS, BOTPLS   All UNSW, faculty, and school printed and online publications must correctly describe Commonwealth guidelines and programs   Several faculty / school websites, booklets and letters still refer to HECS, PELS   These must be updated to ensure compliance   UNSW Student Services will provide guidance + advice on how to link to myUNSW

11 Looking forward - Policy Challenges and Opportunities  Census Dates and Calendars  Unit of Study (Course) level census date provisions expose several hundred courses taught outside ‘standard’ session periods  Minor adjustments for 2005  Academic Calendar to be reviewed in 2005 for 2006  Financial Support Programs  Council has approved student contribution rate increases from 2006  In line with Commonwealth Learning Scholarship provisions, UNSW to look at increasing financial support programs HERI Presentation

12 Further Information and Enquiries   Higher Education Reforms Initiatives at UNSW HERI Overview for UNSW Staff   DEST Going to Uni website   DEST Backing Australia’s Future   Fees & Student Contributions Di Charnley Head of Student Financials Ext. 53087   HERI at UNSW Robert Morrell Assistant Registrar Ext. 51919

13 HERI Questions ? HERI Answers! HERI Presentation

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