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Hazards Atmospheric Tectonic Oceanic. One of the most hazardous races known to man…the French.

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1 Hazards Atmospheric Tectonic Oceanic

2 One of the most hazardous races known to man…the French

3 Atmospheric Monsoon; Seasonal winds which bring torrential (heavy) rainfall Acid Rain; This occurs when chemical fumes are released into the atmosphere Fog; A mass of water vapour suspended in the air Tornado; Strong winds whirling around a small area of extremely low pressure


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6 Hurricane; A severe often very destructive storm Blizzards; Periods of heavy snowfall Hail; This is when rain freezes into tiny balls and falls to the ground Thunderstorms; A storm caused by strong rising air currents accompanied by thunder and lightning Drought; A long period of little or no rainfall

7 Tectonic Famine; Occurs only in third world countries, often when arid soil or little rain means that crops do not grow Earthquakes; They occur on3 out of 4 plate boundaries when two plates “rub” together Landslide; Often occurs as a result of deforestation, the loss of roots mean that heavy rainfall can wash away the top soil easily


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11 Avalanches; Go hand in hand with landslides. So remember don’t go yodelling (ha-ha and ha) Quicksand; A deep mass of loose wet sand which submerges anything on top of it

12 Oceanic Volcanoes; Many volcanoes appear underneath the water as well on land Tsunami; A tsunami is a large tidal wave Sea level Rise; Occurs as a result of global warming and the polar ice caps melting


14 Combination Nearly all of the hazards are not just a result of the specific place they occur they often have been influenced by other factors. An example of this would be; Forest fire, although the forest is on the earth the atmosphere can often be responsible for the fire Desertification, for this to occur you need a hot dry climate to allow the earth to get that way Flooding, this is most commonly found on a river and would not be possible without a larger than normal amount of rainfall which leads to flooding

15 A good example for a trio combination is sea-level rise, this is caused by global warming which in turn melts the ice caps which then cause an increase in water affecting both the oceanic ecosystems and places such as Bangladesh which in many places is only a metre above the ground

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19 Matthew Green Kerryanne Davies Remember never learn too much in one go Take regular breaks Drink lots of liquids Plan your toilet visits Laziness is the root of all evil

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