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Catastrophic Events.

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1 Catastrophic Events

2 What is this a picture of?

3 What is this a picture of?

4 Catastrophic Event… is a sudden, natural or man-made situation where change and destruction of the land may occur without prior knowledge or preparation Example: Tornado and Hurricanes

5 THINK – PAIR - SHARE Take 1 minute with a partner and list as many natural disasters/catastrophic event that occur on this planet.

6 Natural Disasters/Catastrophic Event…
Tsunami Earthquake Flood Mud Slide Blizzard/Ice Storm Hurricane * Tornado * Monsoon Forest Fire Landslide Warm-up: Choose 3 of these natural disasters and define them. * = focus on

7 Hurricanes and their effects…
What is a hurricane? Severe thunderstorm with high winds (above 120 mph)

8 Hurricanes cause… Storm surge and tidal flooding--Storm surge is the rising wall of water that comes ashore with a land falling hurricane, and is responsible for 90 percent of all hurricane related deaths.

9 Cause cont… High Winds-- it determines how powerful the storm is, and how much storm surge and damage it can cause (can reach up to 200 mph).

10 Cause cont… Heavy rain and flooding--After hurricanes make landfall, and their winds slow down, the amount of rainfall becomes a major factor, and can cause significant flooding.

11 Beach Erosion… moves weathered rocks and soil from one place to another it can move slowly or quickly A car is submerged in sand after Hurricane Ike came through the area, September 17, 2008 in Gilchrist, Texas.

12 The land wears away due to beach erosion
After 5 years, what do you think will happen to the beach and the house? The land wears away due to beach erosion

13 Using the terms, hurricane and beach erosion, describe what you think will happen to this area after a hurricane.

14 Galveston – After Hurricane Ike

15 Tornados What is a tornado?
column of swirling wind; an extremely destructive funnel-shaped rotating column of air

16 Tornadoes cause… Destruction to buildings, bridges and anything in the tornadoes path death flooding hail damage wind damage (can reach 140 mph)

17 EXIT TICKET (2 parts) 1. Look at the picture of Galveston above, what do you think will happen to this land if another hurricane hits the Galveston coast?

18 This tornado is heading towards your town, what kind of disaster could this cause? How could you warn people this was coming?

19 Become a Hurricane Tracker

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