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How great is our GOD?. Faith Faith in action How can he be sure that the rope wont break?

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1 How great is our GOD?

2 Faith Faith in action How can he be sure that the rope wont break?

3 We have seen earlier according Heb 11 that faith is simply understanding how GOD works/HIS attributes as the only CREATOR who can create anything out of nothing according to Romans 4 v17. ( Walking by faith is the opposite of walking by sight/living by evidence (2 Cor 5 v7) Anyone still living by facts/evidence can never please GOD hence we need to move from FACT S and FEAR to FAITH. Facts cannot be relied on as the facts of today are not the facts of tomorrow. For example men used to believe that man can never fly or create anything that will enable him to fly. The facts today is that we have aircrafts everywhere today hence the facts regarding flying have changed. The opposite of faith is unbelief which can totally render ineffective the power of GOD (Mark 6 v1-6)

4 Luke 5 v1-11 JESUS entered Peters boat. GOD want to do the same for us today. V4: JESUS spoke a word of faith to Peter i.e. to launch into the deep V5: Peter responded with the facts/evidence and said nevertheless ….. That was the point of transition from FACTS to FAITH V6: Miracles will begin to happen once you make the transition from FACTS to FAITH V7: Peter and the others filled both boats with fishes – showing that the result of faith is always more than the results of facts/efforts. V8-11: When Peter saw the miracles – he recognised the power of GOD and his sinful state and later followed JESUS. The ultimate work of faith is to lead us to a point where we can forsake all and follow JESUS.

5 Most Christians are still asking the same question like Mary (Luke 1 v 30 - 37) LORD how can this be? and the LORD has the same answer for you today The power of the HOLY GHOST will overtake you, so that the impossible will become possible. Faith is about shifting from human effort to the Power of the HOLY GHOST. Even technology is simply moving from human power to the power of machines and we are already seeing the results. Because many will be walking by sight in these end times, our LORD ask the question when the Son of Man comes, shall HE find faith on the earth?(Luke 18v7-8) A lot of us have been Christians for many years, hence it is time to move to perfection(into the higher things of GOD) and thereby leaving behind the elementary things such as being told to repent from dead works and of having faith in GOD (Heb 6 v1).

6 You need to realise that GOD wants to be a CREATOR in your life(Rom 4 v17). Whenever HE speaks, it will surely come to pass. You need to realise that a Christian is not designed to walk by sight (2 Cor 5v7) but by faith. Why do people often lack faith? (a)They fail to realise who GOD really is and they often create a mini- god in their imagination – a god who cannot do anything! (b)They are NOT studying the Word of GOD as faith comes by hearing the Word of GOD (Rom 10v17) (c)They are people who easily forget what GOD did before. (d)They are people who trust in their strength (Prov 3 v5-6) (e) They fail to realise that facts are physical and faith is spiritual hence to walk in faith they need to switch from the physical to the spiritual

7 Ex 13v17-22 V17: We see that fear can lengthen ones journey to the Promised Land V19: Joseph said in faith that GOD will surely visit Israel after over 400yrs V21: We see that GOD wants to lead you even in the wilderness Ex 14 v 1 -28 V4-5: We see that GOD might often allowed things/situation to harden but dont lose hope as HE is about to deal that situation a blow! V7-10: It was recorded that Pharaoh took the best chariots to fight against Israel. Even Pharaohs army overtook Israel and they became afraid. However, once one puts his/her faith in GOD, one dont need to worry about what the enemy or circumstance is saying or doing. V11-12: Here we see that the Israelites began to confess fear. V13-14: We thank GOD for Moses who spoke in faith and said stand still and see the salvation of the LORD, for the Egyptians that you see today, you shall see no more. The LORD shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace.

8 Often times all we need to do is to hold our peace because GOD HIMSELF is fighting for us. The LORD will fight for you today in JESUS name – Amen! V15-16: Moses spoke well but GOD went further and asked Moses to tell the Israelites to move forward. Moses job was to lift his hand (to GOD) and divide the sea. The same principles apply today. To divide any sea of difficulty today, we must move forward and our hands must be continually lifted to GOD. V18: In verse 18, we see that GOD wants HIS honour for the miracles that HE has done in your life. Let us not fall into the trap like many who desert GOD and the Church once they receive the solutions they are seeking, for GOD must be honoured at all times, whether the going is bad or good! V19: The angel of the LORD moved behind to separate GODs own from their enemies. Here, GOD was rearranging all spiritual forces in favour of HIS children. That will be your portion today in JESUS name, Amen.

9 V21: GOD as the only CREATOR orders the sea to divide and stand still, and it obeyed. V22: With GOD on their side, the Israelites now walked in the midst of the sea(i.e. the same problem that they were afraid of). With GOD all things are possible. V23-24: After settling HIS people, the Bible recorded that GOD troubled the Egyptians! V25: GOD suspended the natural laws and took the wheels off the best chariots of the Egyptians to the extent that even the Egyptians began to confess that this MUST be GOD. Today the LORD will remove the wheels from the chariots of your enemies in JESUS name. Amen V26-28: When your faith is in GOD, you will have total victory like the Israelites because our FATHER in Heaven is not man. HE alone is GOD and all power belongs to HIM.

10 May the LORD bless you as you obey HIS words. Amen!

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