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How Great is our GOD?. How great is our GOD?

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1 How Great is our GOD?




5 How great is our GOD?


7 Faith Faith in action How can he be sure that the rope wont break?

8 Faith is different from hope or positive thinking (Hope goes with anxiety for results) Faith is not a ticket for getting things from GOD in this life (1 Cor 15 v19) Faith is NOT a mental assent. It is NOT agreeing in your mind about something (James 2v14-19)

9 Unbelief is sin (Rom 14 v23, Rom 4 v3, Gen 15 v6) Unbelief is dangerous(2 Kings 7v1-2, v19-20) You can NEVER please GOD without faith (Heb 11 v6, Mark 1 v10-11) GODs power and righteousness is revealed from faith to faith (Rom 1 v16-17) The just is expected to live daily by faith(Rom 1v17, Mat 6v11) Unbelief cuts off the power of GOD (Mark 6v1-6)

10 Know who GOD really is by spending time with HIM(Ex 34 v28-33, Isa 40 v 29-31) The only ingredient GOD needs to work is NOTHING (Gen 1v1-2, 1 Kings 18 v 41-46) HE is the only Creator and calls into being things that are not (Rom 4v17-25) GOD has the power to do what HE promised (Rom 4 v21, Luke 4v17-26) Be certain that GOD is truly your Father in Heaven (Jn 20 v17)

11 Peter walks on water (Math 14 v 28 – 31) True faith is marked by action (Jam 2 v14-26)

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