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Higher Education Evening Tuesday 6 May 2014 Part of Truro & Penwith College.

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1 Higher Education Evening Tuesday 6 May 2014 Part of Truro & Penwith College


3 Preparation and Research Truro College Higher Education Talks Higher Education Fair ILP Day: June 2014 Student Services staff Personal Tutor Subject staff Institution websites

4 Preparation and Research Subject or subjects to be studied Duration and content of chosen course Entry Requirements Location: » city or rural » closeness to Cornwall Accommodation available Gap Year

5 The Application Procedure: an overview Pro-active research by student Open Day visits to universities Apply online: September 2014 onwards Interviews/offers Student makes final decision Results: » A levels: August 2015

6 Deadlines EARLY APPLICATION IS RECOMMENDED! All 15 October 2014: Oxford University Cambridge University Medicine Veterinary Medicine/Science Dentistry – Music Conservatoires: 1 October 2014 – All other courses: 15 January 2015 – College deadline: 28 November 2014

7 The Application: UCAS University and Colleges Admissions Service Apply online – Apply Personal details Financial support University choices

8 The Application (contd) Education All qualifications – already achieved and those awaited Employment history Personal Statement written by student Reference provided by the College Apply on-line £23 (single application £11)

9 After Application Apply tracking system online Responses from institutions via UCAS Decision time! 1 st choice = Firm (CF) 2 nd choice = Insurance (CI) Work hard to achieve good results! UCAS Extra Clearing system

10 Higher Education at Truro & Penwith College

11 A College survey showed that over 70% of students questioned were interested in the provision of more Higher Education opportunities in the Truro & Penwith area for the following reasons: Reputation of the College Support offered/small teaching groups Costs – living at home so less living costs Accessibility An attractive place to study Closeness to family (mature students) More opportunities in Cornwall?

12 Higher Education Courses offered at Truro College 2014 - 2015 Degree Courses BA (Hons) Contemporary World Jazz BSc (Hons) Community, Social Enterprise and Management BSc (Hons) Sports Performance and Coaching (top up) BSc (Hons) Archaeology (top up) BA (Hons) Silversmithing & Jewellery BA (Hons) Human Behavioural Studies (top up) BA (Hons) Education & Training BA (Hons) Applied Media (top-up) * Subject to approval

13 Foundation Degrees 2014 Art & Design FdA Commercial Fashion FdA Digital Visualisation (Art & Design) FdA Interior Design Practice FdA Silversmithing & Jewellery Business & Law FdA/HNC Business FdSc Law FdA Managing Business Resources (part time) Community & Counselling FdA/HNC Children & Young Peoples Workforce FdSc Community Studies (Development & Youth Work) FdA Counselling Studies Education FdA Early Childhood Education English & Humanities FdSc Archaeology FdA English Studies FdA Geography & Society FdSc/HNC Geography & The Environment FdA History, Heritage & Archaeology IT & Computing FdA/HNC Computer Games Design & Production FdSc Computer Technology FdSc Web Technology Media & Photography FdA Action Photography FdA Media Advertising FdA Photography & Digital Imaging Music, Sound & Performing Arts FdA Commercial Music Performance & Production Science FdSc Biomedical Studies FdSc Bioscience FdSc Environmental & Public Health FdSc Health & Nutrition Sport & Public Services FdSc Exercise, Health & Fitness FdSc Outdoor Education FdSc Public Services FdSc Sports Coaching FdSc Sports Rehabilitation

14 Higher National Diplomas HND Applied Psychology HND Media Moving Image HND Sound Engineering & Multimedia Integration

15 Access to Higher Education Pathways include: Humanities Childhood Studies Nursing/Human Sciences Psychology/Counselling Theory Science Teaching Humanities, Teaching & Law

16 What are the advantages of studying at Truro & Penwith College? Excellent facilities and resources Quality in Teaching and Learning Accessibility within Cornwall Lower living costs

17 The A Level route to Higher Education The A Level route to Higher Education

18 Offers will make reference to: Grades or UCAS Tariff points for AS/A levels Students must check entry requirements very carefully as part of preparation and research Students must also check GCSE requirements

19 UCAS Tariff A levelAS level A* 140 N/A A120 60 B100 50 C 80 40 D 60 30 E 40 20

20 English (450+ courses) at Warwick: AAA grades at A level (360points) Specific requirement of English Literature or English Language & Literature at A level at grade A Interview likely at Winchester: A levels:320-360 points ABB = 320 points Specific requirement of A level minimum grade C in English

21 Physics (250+ courses) at Hertfordshire: 320 points at A level Specific requirement of minimum grade B for Maths and Physics at A Level GCSE English, Maths & Science required at Durham : A*AA at A level Requirement of Maths or Physics at Grade A*

22 Law (300+ courses) At Exeter AAA – AAB GCSE English Language at B or above Southampton Solent 240 UCAS points = BCD GCSE Maths and English at C or above

23 FINANCE IN HIGHER EDUCATION For students starting in 2015 23

24 Finance in Higher Education Costs Loans Repayment of loans Grants Extra help 24

25 Key messages: Students do not have to pay any fees up-front They do not have to start repaying any loans until they have left university and are earning over £21,000 How much they repay depends on how much they are earning, not how much they borrowed Loans are written off after 30 years


27 LOANS Government loans for tuition fees not means tested available to all students on full time courses paid to the university or college each year

28 Government loans for living costs accommodation books and materials food travel clothes and toiletries etc

29 29 Loans – living costs (2014 – 15) Maximum: London: £7,751 Outside of London: £5,555 Parental home: £4,418 Minimum: London: £5,038 Outside of London: £3,610 Parental home: £2,871

30 Loan repayments Tuition fee & living cost loans are added together Repayments are automatically deducted from salary each month No repayment if salary falls to below £21,000 30

31 Examples of repayments Annual salary Monthly repayments £25,000£30 £30,000£67.50 £35,000£105 £45,000£180 31

32 Loan repayments How much graduates repay each month depends on what they are earning, not how much they borrowed! 32

33 MEANS TESTED: Where household income is less than £25,000 the student will be eligible for the full grant of £3,387 Partial grants for households on incomes up to £42,600 per annum 33 DO NOT HAVE TO BE REPAID MAINTENANCE GRANTS 2014-2015

34 Maintenance Grant (2013-2014) Household incomeMaintenance grant £25,000£3,387 £30,000£2,441 £35,000£1,494 £40,000£547 34

35 bursaries scholarships sponsorships disabled students e.g. dyslexia part-time jobs parents 35 EXTRA HELP!


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