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1 Aims n To enhance awareness of the national and regional extended/community school strategies n To look at the current understanding of what an extended/community.

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1 1 Aims n To enhance awareness of the national and regional extended/community school strategies n To look at the current understanding of what an extended/community school provides n To look at the benefits and obstacles associated with the development of an extended school n To look at the role of governors in developing an extended school

2 2 Cycle of Deprivation n Too many children are condemned to repeat the cycle of deprivation, underachievement and failure n Life chances reduced at an early stage n Community disaffection with school has been tolerated n Barriers to learning not always addressed in a properly co-ordinated way

3 3 Every Child Matters Five Outcomes n Staying Safe n Being Healthy n Enjoying and Achieving n Achieving Economic Well-being n Making a Positive Contribution

4 4 The Extended Schools “core offer” (source - National Remodelling Team) Swift and easy referral to specialist support services Support for parents including family learning All year round 8am-6pm A varied menu of activities including study support Quality childcare on site or through local providers Core offer including adult learning Community access

5 5 Our work must maintain a strong focus on standards Taken from slides produced by TDA:D

6 6 Why become an extended school? The benefits What do extended schools do? n Build on the best existing practice in schools n Place children at the centre of a network of services which support their learning and wellbeing n Promote greater parental involvement in their children’s learning n Forge stronger links with the community What do extended schools achieve? n Motivate and enthuse pupils n Close the achievement gap n Ensure that children arrive at school ready to learn n Meet the five ECM outcomes n Reinvigorate local communities Taken from slides produced by TDA:D

7 7 Delivering extended services… NRT 2006 Is about: Isn’t about: “Blue print” solutions Schools unsupported Too many “chiefs” Extended services in and around schools “ “Blue print”solutions Schools unsupported Too many “chiefs” Schools doing it all Local, customised solutions Supported autonomy Systematic support from local authorities and unions Extended services in and around schools

8 8 Activity What are the benefits and obstacles to the development of community/extended schools? n What are the potential benefits of establishing an extended/community school? n How might we evidence those benefits? n As a group, come up with three benefits that are particularly important. n Think about how to evidence them n Feedback

9 9 Benefits... n Encourages greater parental involvement in children’s learning - children make better progress where families support their learning n Provides more help to staff and parents in addressing children’s wider needs n Enhances support for vulnerable children and those most at risk n Enables parents to more easily access childcare and other services n Makes better use of school facilities n Offers children greater opportunities to have fun and develop wider interests/new skills n Promotes community ownership of the school and encourages higher aspirations

10 10 Where does the money come from? n You can charge for activities n School budgets n Other funding opportunities n Funding from other partners

11 11 Education Act 2002 n Section 27: gives governing bodies of maintained schools enabling power to provide, or enter into contract to provide, facilities and services for the benefit of pupils, their families or people who live or work in the locality n Section 28: puts a duty on the governing body to consult before establishing extended services and a duty to abide by provisions which may be contained in LEA finance schemes

12 12 The role of Governors n Developing a strategic vision n Ongoing monitoring, evaluation and overseeing the extended activities n Safeguarding the delegated budget n Having accountability for health and safety and related issues n Offering continuity of the vision and community links

13 13 Case study

14 14 10 Tips for Becoming an Extended School 1. Set up steering group/committee with responsibility for extended services 2. Agree a vision - plan and focus services to contribute to supporting school improvement and supporting pupils and families 3. Encourage all school staff on board 4. Decide who will be responsible for day to day management 5. Find out if there is an opportunity to work with other schools in the area - ask for advice

15 15 10 Tips for Becoming an Extended School 6. Talk to other local providers - are there opportunities to work together? 7. Know your community - audit existing services and consult 8. Look at what the community can offer 9. Decide what the school can realistically offer 10. Extended schools do not necessarily have to find additional funding - think about how you can use what you have already and how other services can contribute

16 16 The way forward n Whole school approach n Focus on specific local school/community needs n Manageability and sustainability of change n Consider position and impact within School Improvement Plan

17 17 How can you help governors support their schools in delivering this agenda? n Setting it in the wider context - “joining it up” n Induction and training n Providing tools and links to information and advice n Sharing best practice n Bringing local schools and partners together

18 18 Useful websites n Training and Development Agency n Teachernet - extended schools n Teachernet -study support n QISS n Continyou n Watch this space! Kent Community Schools - Good Practice Guide - Clusterweb - coming soon

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