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Anna Whalen Youth Homelessness Advisor. 1. Minimise Demand: Education work in schools /other places on reality of housing choices 2. Reduce Demand & Crisis.

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1 Anna Whalen Youth Homelessness Advisor

2 1. Minimise Demand: Education work in schools /other places on reality of housing choices 2. Reduce Demand & Crisis Early intervention targeted to keep young people in family network 3. Reduce Crisis Plan & prepare with those at risk of homelessness BEFORE they are in crisis 4. Single Integrated Service Gateway Prevention, assessment of need, planning advice & options AND access to other services e.g. ETE & Job Centre Plus Range of health services Life skills Benefits advice 5. Supported accommodation as a starting point for those with higher needs or younger age (16/17) 6. Floating Support in accommodation - likely to be shared in private rented sector 8. Young person is ready to make their next move with minimal/no support and is positively engaged in ETE Steps 5-7 Young people can access 3 broad options and move between them until they are ready to move on. 7. Shared student style accommodation for those in FE, employment or apprenticeship with “light touch” support The Positive Pathway for young people

3  A whole systems, strategic approach locally  Investment in prevention and integrated support – its not just about housing  Community budget/joint commissioning approach  An integrated & seamless front door to options, advice, planning and assessment of needs  Local leadership and champions  A belief in young people and their futures  Placing young people at the heart of the planning process

4  Economic downturn and youth unemployment  Supply of affordable housing  Welfare reform changes  Reductions in public spending – impact on services for young people

5 Drivers include:  Social Justice Strategy – early intervention  Preventing homelessness – “Making Every Contact Count” report Challenges may include:  Resources to deliver  Getting into academies may be harder?  Demonstrating impact – making the business case Opportunities could include:  Raising the Participation Age – more access?  Young people as peer educators=citizenship

6 Drivers include :  Social Justice Strategy – Early Intervention and Recovery and Independence  DfE - Improving outcomes - reducing risk of entering care or going down homelessness route Challenges may include:  Joint working locally – not always easy!  Pressure on resources to deliver preventative family work and youth work Opportunities could include:  Linkage with Troubled Families work locally  Systems within Children’s Service to identify young people earlier

7 Drivers include:  Ministry of Justice - Resettlement of young offenders  DfE and local authorities – Care Leavers Charter – find a home  Reducing children in care and homelessness Challenges may include:  Pressure on resources reduces capacity to proactively plan Opportunities could include:  Troubled Families work - early identification  Revised local joint protocols  Business case for planning V waiting for crisis!

8 Drivers include:  Community budget - joining up of services  Social Justice Strategy – Promoting Work and Recovery and Independence  Making Every Contact Count – homelessness prevention and reducing children coming into care  Challenges may include:  Budget pressures and service pressures  Local context - geography, joint working, practical issues e.g. lack of suitable premises Opportunities could include:  The business case -significant prevention improvements and budget savings  May be a need to reconfigure services in light  of budget reductions

9 Drivers include:  Social Justice Strategy – Recovery and Independence, Promoting Work  Resettlement of young offenders & Care Leavers Charter  Making Every Contact Count & No Second Night Out Challenges may include:  Local decisions to reduce spending on housing related support  Support to young people with higher needs  Provision of support for older young people ( 18 – 24s) where no statutory duty is owed  Move on options 

10 Opportunities could include:  Re-tendering - outcome focused and potential for new funding models  Joint commissioning - e.g. looked after and alternatives to remand  Mixing it up – e.g supported lodgings & Nightstop, leasing smaller units of accommodation and use of floating support  Implementing new approaches – e.g. Psychologically Informed Environment ( PIE)

11 Drivers include:  DCLG Housing Strategy and welfare reform: Best use of social housing stock e.g. under occupation, flexible tenancies allocations policies  Use of the Private Rented Sector to discharge the homelessness duty – Localism Act Challenges may include:  Shift in understanding for everyone re: what realistic housing options there are for young people ( i.e. sharing in private rented sector for many)  Confidence of landlords to take young people  General supply of private rented and competition for what is available

12 Challenges may include:  Availability of one-bed social housing  General availability of social housing and who should be priority in allocations schemes Opportunities could include:  Clear messaging to everyone about options/choice  Private rented sector access schemes - landlord incentives for taking under 25s  Leasing of PRS and “rent a room” as options for some young people  Joint tenancies in social housing – new approach

13  “Care about us”  “Give clear and realistic information”  “Support our transition – its our whole lives not just housing”  “Go the extra mile”  “Actively encourage our aspirations”


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