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Worcestershire Partnership Cohesive, Strong Communities Strategy and Toolkit “Getting along better together”

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1 Worcestershire Partnership Cohesive, Strong Communities Strategy and Toolkit “Getting along better together”

2 What is community cohesion? Community Cohesion is what must happen in all communities to enable different groups of people to get on well together. A key contributor to community cohesion is integration which is what must happen to enable new residents and existing residents to adjust to one another. The vision of an integrated and cohesive community is based on three foundations:  People from different backgrounds have similar life opportunities  People know their rights and responsibilities  People trust one another and trust local institutions to act fairly. And three key ways of living together:  People have a shared future vision and a sense of belonging  People have a focus on what new and existing communities have in common, alongside a recognition of diversity  There is a strong and positive relationship between people from different backgrounds. Department of Communities and Local Government

3 What do we understand by cohesion? Cohesion is about what people have in common, what brings people together and whether they get along together Cohesion is more noticeable when it is absent, when disharmony and tensions are felt within communities Focus on what we have in common and what we aspire to.

4 Benefits to residents: Research shows people are more likely to: take better advantage of public services enjoy the benefits of a good education have access to meaningful employment be healthier live longer.

5 Improve wellbeing Empower communities Alleviates pressure on some public services. Cohesive communities:

6 Vision for Cohesive, Strong Communities in Worcestershire: "Worcestershire is one place and many places where everyone enjoys a sense of belonging and where everyone is encouraged to build positive relationships and contribute to community wellbeing."

7 The 3 strategic aims: 1) Local people to play an active part in civic and community life, and contribute to local decision making through ongoing and effective engagement.

8 2) Local people of all ages and backgrounds to have opportunities to mix together and share common experiences. The 3 strategic aims (continued)

9 3) The Worcestershire Partnership to offer community leadership, celebrate diversity and promote equality as a means of enhancing cohesion and quality of life. The 3 strategic aims (continued):

10 The geographic diversity and number of small communities– no one size fits all Ethnicity and faith differences exist in pockets – however other forms of diversity also have to be considered Migrant workers – economic benefit and possible tension. Key characteristics for Worcestershire

11 Population growth – plan so that new jobs and housing enhances cohesion Need to embed cohesion in everyday activity Information sharing –across the Partnership Draw on good practice – lots already even if not badged as cohesion Councillors are vital – knowledge & leadership. Key characteristics for Worcestershire

12 Put supporting cohesive, strong communities at the heart of what we do by embedding it in what we all do everyday Address issues that impact on cohesion through work going on across the Partnership Partnership Board will provide leadership – promote what we have in common Create learning opportunities through the Toolkit. The strategy

13 The toolkit Available online: cohesion Practical toolkit: Checklists National links Excellent local examples.

14 The toolkit

15 Some examples of good practice

16 Feedback and further development Cohesion is “everybody’s business” Ongoing feedback to: Margaret Reilly: Annual review: Further development Consider more formal implementation Changing needs of communities.

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