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Plan your career - build your CV Janice Montgomery Senior Careers Adviser Aberdeen Business Enterprise Society.

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1 Plan your career - build your CV Janice Montgomery Senior Careers Adviser Aberdeen Business Enterprise Society

2 Learning Outcomes: By the end of the session you should.. Have broadened your knowledge of potential areas of employment Have increased your self knowledge with a view to a more informed choice of career Understand what employers look for in a CV and why. Have gained very practical skills in writing CV’s. Understand the difference between a good CV and a bad CV. Be aware of how to construct a covering letter.

3 Interesting facts….. There are 4.2 million people in the UK who are self employed 4.8% of graduates in 2010/11 classed themselves as self employed Wilson Report 2012 – E and E 2350 new graduate start ups in 2010 8.6% of graduates over 40, start their own business Discipline % of total students from that discipline Art and Design17.5 Performing Arts15.4 Computing Science5.4 Physics4.8 Business and Management4.4 English3.7 Sports Science3.5 Architecture and Building3.0 History2.4 Psychology2.1 Source: What Do Graduates Do? 2012 HECSU

4 Employability skills 78% Positive attitude 72% Relevant work experience 54% Degree subject 41% Degree result 28% Confederation of British Industry Future Fit April 2009 What do employers look for?

5 Employability skills? Self management Teamworking Business and customer Awareness Problem solving Communication and literacy Application of numeracy Application of IT Positive attitude Enterprise/entrepreneurship Lab skills, techniques, processes

6 Typical destinations Librarians Archivists Accountants Civil servants Editors Marketing and PR Social researchers Training officers Financial analysts Investment banker Production manager Process engineer Secondary teacher Actuary Financial analyst Conservation officer Geophysicist Management consultant Oil and gas engineer Financial Analyst Chartered accountant Scientific information officer Health service manager Technical author Secondary teacher Biological Scientist Research and development scientist Management consultant

7 Think! What are you looking for? What are your career goals? What are your interests? What motivates you? What is your ideal job? What can I offer? (Strengths, achievements etc) Where and how will I look now?

8 Who can help? (networking..) Friends Known contacts Colleagues’ contacts Business contacts Raise your profile Attend networking events Help other people Use social media

9 How to decide Know yourself Skills Attributes Values Aspirations Prospects- Prospects PlannerProspects Planner Target Jobs Career ReportCareer Report Careers Service – Career PlanningCareer Planning

10 Social media Get involved Be selective Raise profile through discussion Share useful information Help others Blog/chat Ask questions Easy for them to find you

11 Deconstructing job vacancies In pairs, review the job description you have been given highlighting skills, qualifications and experience required. Discuss evidence you might provide to show that you match the description.

12 What’s the Point? A CV has only one chance to impress and one purpose- to get you to an interview.

13 Content – Practical Exercise You have been given an assortment of cards. In the opinion of your group, what should a)Always be on a CV? b)Never be on a CV? c)Might sometimes be appropriate on a CV?

14 Ultimate aim? Clarity Relevance Layout: Name Personal details Education Skills Work Experience Hobbies/ Interests Referees

15 Other tips? Clarity: Font size (12) Clear headings using capitals/bold font Bullet points Clear examples Logical sequence Black on white Good quality paper 2 sides of A4 Spelling and grandma! (grammar!) Relevance: The CV is a response to specific skills and experience being sought by the employer. Vague claims won’t cut it. If you don’t provide evidence they won’t be convinced

16 CV Exercise You have been approached by a final year business student at the University of Aberdeen. They have applied for a number of positions but so far have not received an interview. List five things which you think might improve their CV and increase their chances of interview.

17 Covering letter Purpose: To introduce your CV in three paragraphs: 1)Why you are writing and who you are. 2)What you know about them and what you want them to know about you. 3)Concluding information

18 Further assistance Quick query slots bookable online e.g CV checks (15 mins) Careers Appointments –30/45 mins Online resources 2nd Floor 273601

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