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How to market yourself effectively Cathy Taylor, Julie Watkins Career Advisers.

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1 How to market yourself effectively Cathy Taylor, Julie Watkins Career Advisers

2 We will cover Context – current reform – themes Implications for nurses Neworking Marketing yourself in CVs, application forms and at interview Support from RCN

3 Current context Recent health care reforms: more providers, beyond traditional NHS Francis Report – focus on quality NMC re validation plans Chief nursing Officers – 6 Cs – importance of attitude and positive behaviours

4 Impact on nursing careers Employers are looking for nurses and HCAs who: –Display positive behaviours –Demonstrate caring attitudes –Are enthusiastic and passionate about providing high quality, dignified, care

5 How can you demonstrate these behaviours? Make every contact count Pay attention to detail in your Appearance How you write – take time and effort How you speak – be positive Plan and prepare examples to demonstrate your positive attitudes

6 Marketing opportunities Networking CVs Application forms Interviews

7 Working the Jobs Fair Make a list of employers you want to see Look positive, smile and warm handshake Rehearse points to present about yourself: Brief summary of your experience Five positive things you could bring to the organisation Leave CV and all contact details Write notes and take details of people you have spoken to, make contact a few days after the event

8 Other networking opportunities Conferences, study and training Friends, colleagues and peers Meetings Secondments, job swops Shadowing Mentorship and clinical supervision Getting active in the RCN

9 Your CV can be used.... When asked to apply in writing When a vacancy asks for one For speculative applications

10 Preparing your CV Logical, clear and concise Consistent format Chronological order Font/layout Ideally on two pages Spelling and grammar is correct

11 Preparing your CV Target Personal profile – tailor specifically to the role you are applying for Showcase your skills – provide relevant information and your suitability for the job Experience Key responsibilities/duties Action words – Co-ordinated, Managed, Developed, Organised, Identified, Trained Past/present tense

12 Explaining gaps in employment Examples can include: Voluntary work Any personal examples, interests Keeping up to date with nursing initiatives RCN events, online resources, RCNs e- Library, nursing or health care articles Caring responsibilities

13 Completing your application Follow the guidelines on the form Make it easy for employers to find the information and that you tick all requirements Tailor your application to the job Personal or supporting statement section Often competency based – provide evidence of how you meet competencies

14 Evidence how you meet the competencies For example: I have excellent communication skills and have always been able to deal with challenging situations - such as when a relative became angry about the treatment of their mother. I was able to allay the relatives anxiety by listening to and empathising with their concerns and arranging for them to discuss their mothers care with the senior nurse in charge.

15 Completing your application Check you have provided evidence to meet the Person spec criteria and what the employer will be assessing at Application

16 Online Applications Different types of online applications Save on to computer and to employer when completed Complete and save online (e.g. NHS jobs) Complete online in one-go (cant save it) Review and check for any mistakes/spelling errors before you press send Save or print a copy for your records Allow enough time

17 An interview is a performance: Like all performances, success depends on practice

18 Preparation Look at job description/person spec List examples from your experience which match the above Plan responses to common interview questions Prepare questions to ask Update on national initiatives Update your Portfolio

19 Difficult questions Scenarios – what would you do if… Consider the processes involved: –Assessing the situation –Taking appropriate action –Following protocols and guidelines –Appropriate communication –Record Keeping –Evaluating and learning from situation

20 STAR technique to provide evidence of competencies S - situation T - target A - action R - result

21 Eg S – patient fell out of bed T – need to maintain their safety A – call for help, assessment, treatment, record keeping, informing Dr, relatives etc R – Patient able to be helped back to bed, no injuries – learning - why did it happen, how to prevent again, looked at NICE guideline

22 Other forms of selection tools Presentations Personality and ability measures Role play Group exercises Written assessment – including numeracy and written exercises

23 Member Support Services Welfare Rights & Guidance Counselling Immigration Services Careers Peer Support MSS Tel

24 Member Support Services MSS Tel

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