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Biodiversity Funding Chris Pethers Development Manager.

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1 Biodiversity Funding Chris Pethers Development Manager

2 What Funders are there? Lottery Funders (HLF/BIG) Statutory Bodies European Funding (LIFE+) Landfill Communities Funders Charitable Trusts Companies (Donations/Sponsorship) Others?

3 Funding Principles People Give to People Your Aims and the Funder’s Aims Assume the Funder knows Nothing Full Cost Recovery Find out what “No” means Strategic Planning for Funding

4 People Give to People Funding is not: an organisation giving money to a project Funding is: people in an organisation giving you money to do the project As well as selling the project, you need to sell you and your organisation as the right people to do that project

5 Your aims and the Funder’s aims You have aims you are hoping to meet The Funder also has aims to meet A successful project and funding relationship will meet both sets of aims If the project doesn’t meet the Funder’s aims, they are the wrong funder If the project doesn’t meet your aims, why are you doing it?

6 Assume the Funder knows Nothing The Funder does not know your Business Plan, local circumstances, etc. The Funder may not understand sector- specific knowledge or technical terms – use a non-sector proof-reader Tell the Funder what your aims are Tell the Funder what the benefits are TLAs are bad!

7 Full Cost Recovery Cheaper isn’t necessarily better Don’t leave out the “hidden” costs: Overheads: premises, management Administration: reporting/monitoring Grant funding is incorporating full cost recovery; you don’t ask, you don’t get!

8 Find out what “No” means “No” might not be an outright rejection, it could mean any of the following: “Not right now” – when is the right time? “Not quite that” – can you adjust it? “Not that small” – can you increase it? Find out what the “No” means – you might be able to turn it into a “Yes”

9 Strategic Planning for Funding Know what you want to do and when Know what funds are out there, when to apply and when you will get the money Don’t rely on one funder – they may not fund for reasons beyond your control Think “outside the box” – who else might want to support this work? Plan time to research/write applications

10 Corporate Sponsors Chris Pethers Development Manager

11 Are you really looking for Corporate Sponsorship? Not necessarily…. Corporate Donations Corporate Sponsorship

12 Corporate Donations Charitable, CSR, small pot Sideline to main business One-off funding Quick decision Funding the project budget

13 Corporate Sponsorship Commercial, Marketing, large pot Integral to main business Longer-term relationship Medium term funding Buying benefits for the company

14 What is a company after? Companies are there to make a profit Companies are looking for benefits to their business prospects Most likely, PR/Marketing benefits: - Brand awareness - Brand positioning - Brand reach

15 How can you deliver? People you can help them reach: - Who? - How many? - What mechanism? What you can help them say: - Message - Impact

16 How to approach a sponsor Personal contact - networking Meet the right person Initial meeting – the decision maker? Written proposal – to decision maker Charge what it’s worth, not what it costs Follow-up meeting – the decision maker Sign on the dotted line

17 Are you ready for sponsorship? Who will manage the relationship? Is your organisation behind the idea of sponsorship? Can you spend the time to build relationships? Can you offer something better than commercial advertising agencies?

18 Further information “Finding Company Sponsors” Chris Wells (DSC) DSC training courses For Corporate Donations: “The Guide to UK Company Giving” (DSC) Networking: - people who work for companies - each other!

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