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Small/community grant guidance. Small/community grant processes.

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1 Small/community grant guidance

2 Small/community grant processes

3 When should this model be used? This funding should be used if you wish to set up a fund for communities to bid into to deliver local projects –It can help encourage communities to develop their own solutions to local needs (the big society idea). –It can be a cost effective method of assisting preventative services –These grants work best when pooled with other small grant schemes and administered through a single process as they allow groups to work across the silos and get funding easier

4 Priority/outcomes setting It is always beneficial to consult users/beneficiaries and providers in considering the outcomes required The priorities/outcomes of the project are:???

5 Criteria The main criteria on which we will judge applicants for this project are:

6 Communication process Ensure the market is aware of the funding opportunity and what the associated priorities and criteria are by using the following communication channels: –Advertising in papers etc –VCS partners networks –VCS Newsletters –Partners Websites We should also ensure potential applicants understand how the process works and have access to all relevant info including terms and conditions and how we will judge applications. This will allow applicants to maximise their chances of success. You may also want to have an open meeting with applicants to discuss your requirements and give them the opportunity to ask questions. This will ensure every applicant gets the same information

7 Application process It should be done through a competitive process using a standard application forms templates available Applications will be invited from all voluntary and community organisations that can meet the criteria and deliver the outcomes The application should be proportionate to the sum of funding on offer

8 Appraisal process You should –elect an appraisal panel of 3-7?? –user and VCS participation is highly desirable on the appraisal panel (need to consider conflicts of interest) You should use the standard scoring matrix you shared with applicants to ensure fairness. It is up to you how you undertake the appraisal some choices include –Sending out the applications beforehand – reading the applications individually when you arrive then discussing them –Marking individually –Marking as a group

9 Monitoring process Monitoring should be proportionate to the size of the grant and agreed before money is transferred The funded organisation will be given an offer letter. They will be monitored on delivery of this. The letter will state the outputs and outcomes that were set out in the application If organisations continually fail to deliver or spend funding inappropriately funding can be clawed back, however this should be as a last resort A monitoring report should be completed (see template)

10 Timescales Is this going to be a one off fund or is it on-going? If on-going how many rounds will you have each year? Opening date for round is?? Closing date for each round is ?? Appraisal panel to meet ?? Offer letters to go out by?? Funding given to successful applicants by ??

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