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Higher listening: fugue

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1 Higher listening: fugue
A complicated piece of contrapuntal / polyphonic music A contrapuntal piece essentially based upon the idea of imitation

2 Exposition Begins with the SUBJECT, played or sung by one voice. e.g. Trinidad and the big Mississippi etc. Voice 1 SUBJECT

3 Exposition Once the subject has been heard all the way through, a second voice enters with the answer. This is very similar to the subject. If the intervals between all the notes are the same as the subject, it is a real answer. If they are slightly different, it is a tonal answer. Meanwhile, the first voice continues with a counter-subject e.g. Canada Malaga Rimini Brindisi Voice 1 Subject Counter-subject Voice 2 Answer

4 Exposition Voice 1 Subject Answer Voice 2 Subject Voice 3
The next voice to enter (Voice 3) comes in with the subject again. The second voice now moves on to the counter-subject, and the first voice moves on to a 2nd counter-subject e.g. Yes! Tibet, Tibet, Tibet! Voice 1 Subject Counter-subject 2nd counter-subject Answer Counter-subject Voice 2 Subject Voice 3

5 Exposition This process continues until all voices have sung or played through the subject, counter-subject and 2nd counter-subject.

6 Episode New material is introduced The music will probably modulate
There will be quite a lot of imitation

7 Throughout the rest of the Fugue, the subject continues to enter in new keys.
Some composers played around with the subject using techniques such as augmentation, diminution and stretto AUGMENTATION: The subject is heard in longer note values, giving the effect of slowing down. DIMINUTION: The subject is heard in shorter note values, giving the effect of speeding up. STRETTO: A voice enters with the subject or answer before the previous voice has finished playing it.

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