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Sustainable Development How the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health promotes it.

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1 Sustainable Development How the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health promotes it

2 Sustainable Development - how the CIEH promotes it Geographical Association, North Staffordshire Branch Tuesday 8 December 2011 David Kidney, Head of Policy, CIEH

3 The CIEH - Who we are and what we do A charity A professional organisation with over 10,000 members in the public and private sectors A knowledge centre for environmental health A qualifications and certification body -Accredits degree courses – professional training -International provider of accredited industry qualifications e.g. food hygiene training

4 Scope of environmental health Biological Stressors Chemical Stressors Chemical Stressors Physical Stressors Physical Stressors Social Stressors Psychosocial Stressors Contributions of Environmental Health Specialists: by assessing, correcting and preventing impact of stressors Living Environment Home Environment Work Environment Recreational Environment Realms of environmental health

5 Do you believe in the science of climate change?

6 Why shouldn’t you accept the science? Known shortcomings The Unknowns Modelling of scenarios Conspiracy theories (UEA – gate)

7 Is the temperature rising?

8 Is the change temporary? Sunspots Volcanoes

9 Is the cause anthropogenic? Is it the industrial revolution and burning fossil fuels? Is it CFCs and similar compounds? Is it livestock – and methane emissions?

10 Does it matter what the cause is? It does if there’s a problem and you want to know how to solve it But is there more than one problem anyway?

11 Sustainable development and One Planet Where are we in relation to peak oil? Have you checked out the world’s human population lately? How shall we behave faced with shortages of food, water and other natural resources?

12 Sustainable systems – the relationships The Economy Human Society The Biosphere Source: Forum for the Future Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist. Kenneth Boulding, economist

13 Climate change and the precautionary principle Running out of food and water Running out of energy Climate-related new threats Wars fought over resources – and the impacts of conflict

14 Action or caution? Principle 15 Rio Declaration Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation

15 So what actions? Mitigation Global action to cut carbon emissions Adaptation Protection from impacts of change Fairness Poorest/least emitting Inter-generational

16 Climate change impacts vary All populations are vulnerable - but some are more vulnerable than others: Initial health risks vary Coastal regions, mega-cities, mountainous and polar regions particularly vulnerable Health effects more severe for elderly and people with infirmities

17 The Stern Review The world has to act now on climate change or face devastating economic consequences, according to this report compiled by Sir Nicholas Stern

18 Kyoto Protocol The Kyoto Protocol - a Treaty negotiated December 1997 in the city of Kyoto, Japan came into force February 2005 International community’s only legally binding commitments to cut emissions – ends 2012

19 Copenhagen Climate Conference CIEH activities and efforts 192 nations gathered in Copenhagen to seek a deal on fighting global warming, in a series of meetings 7– 18 December 2009 Only some signed a deal the Obama administration called "meaningful" but which fell short of expectations for the summit The talks go on – currently in Durban


21 Environmental health’s role A warmer and more variable climate: Threatens higher levels of some air pollutants Increases transmission of diseases through unclean water and contaminated food Compromises agricultural production in less developed countries Increases the hazards of extreme weather

22 The public health impacts Each year the basic determinants of health are already harsh enough: 1.2 million people die from causes attributable to urban air pollution 2.2 million from diarrhoea, largely from lack of access to clean water supply and sanitation, and from poor hygiene 3.5 million from malnutrition

23 The CIEH’s contribution to the debate Two publications in 2008: Climate change and its health impacts Climate change, public health and health inequalities

24 And continuing the dialogue Conference and working group Call for evidence Publication of case studies of environmental health-led initiatives

25 Our world, our wellbeing 68 case studies from across England, Northern Ireland and Wales Copies sent to Ministers in Belfast, Cardiff and Westminster

26 Where next with this work? To Rio! At Rio+20 next summer Perhaps a new phase of Local Agenda 21?

27 Training for new entrants to the profession Graduate entry and we set the curriculum Experiential learning required before entry – and CPD after

28 And training for the world Level 2 Award in Environmental Principles and Best Practice Certificate in Environmental Management Level 3 Award in Environmental Management

29 Training for a more sustainable future A new business model: circular, not linear New-build low carbon, resource efficient Energy efficient retro-fit (Green Deal) Existing skills, STEM skills, new skills We want to help

30 We also try to practise what we preach Our events venue 15Hatfields

31 An objective standard of sustainable management BS8900: currently a pilot Standard - and the CIEH first to attain it

32 The CIEH works globally as well as locally Members/affiliates in 30 countries An International Special Interest Group An international portfolio of contracts for awards, training, expert advice

33 Water for Kids A charity working to bring clean, safe water supplies to children in developing countries Founded by, and supported by, the CIEH Would you like to donate?

34 London Olympics and Paralympics 2012 A showcase to the world of sustainability: Health and safety in construction phase Food safety, hygiene, health and nutrition for all A legacy of embedded sustainable development Environmental impact of a global project

35 EHP today, 2025 April 2025 issue Contents: What Happens When The Lights Go Out? Remembering The Big Flood A Day in The Life of Moz Keyto Salmonella on the Rise Unions Lobby for Maximum Working Temperature Peter Hill Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

36 Where to find CIEH resources CIEH website: Climate change and its health impacts ange_health_implications.html Our world, our wellbeing ontent.aspx?id=37708

37 Thank you for listening Questions welcome! Contact details: David Kidney, Head of Policy, CIEH Tel. 020 7827 5902

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