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What is Climate Change Strategy? And Why Do We Need One?

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1 What is Climate Change Strategy? And Why Do We Need One?

2 County Survey 2006 What are your concerns for the future? 1.Terrorism 2.Climate Change What is worrying people about Climate Change?

3 Concerns Rising Carbon Emissions leading to a change in the climate? Reliance on fossil fuels (often from abroad) to provide our raw materials plastics, metals, glass) and our energy?. Worried about the cost, security of supply. Worried about running out and the implications of this?

4 Why are these concerns a matter for councils? Councils are uniquely placed Democratic mandate Trusted by residents Local Knowledge Connection to local business, public agencies, third sector. Who else would lead?

5 Climate Change The choices we make in our everyday lives regarding homes, transport, food and purchasing have consequences across the world.

6 Strategy Under development for this district Is extensive in scope Not only about Council buildings and services but about what the wider community are doing.

7 Strategy Themes Working with the community Environmental awareness and education Health and Wellbeing – planning for extreme weather events Energy – reduce our reliance on fossil fuels ad imports. Housing – increase our energy efficiency and save money!

8 Strategy Themes Economy and Business – support for Faming and Local Businesses to minimise resource use and future proof for climate change. Diversification and promotion of grants for energy saving. Tourism – more local holidays???

9 Strategy Themes Transport Since 1990 greenhouse gas emissions from domestic transport up by 12% - now 21% of UK emissions 21% of transport emissions arise from journeys of less than 5 miles. Promote cycling and walking?

10 Strategy Themes Transport 60% of population lives within 15 mins a railway station if they travelled by bike. But only 2% of journeys are made to the station by bike. Buy local? Home working, broadband? Shared vehicles and alternate fuel

11 Strategy Themes Planning Water – make sure we don’t increase the risk of flooding and that we use this scarce resource efficiently. Biodiversity – make sure that sites are managed to help conserve vulnerable species Procurement, fair-trade, and food. Consider the efficiency of purchasing and eating food that has been transported thousands of miles.

12 Local Environmental Groups Whittington pop 2800, 1200 households 200 group members WFEG 1000 households awareness advice 120 energy health checks Banish the cavity wall 50 households insulated 3 village organisations insulated or low energy - Church Hall, Village Hall, Parish Council Pavilion

13 Local Environmental Groups Green fairs 2000 low energy light bulbs On line carbon foot printing Audit of the pub led to £6000 investment by them to insulate and upgrade lighting and boiler.

14 What Could Parish Councils Do? Respond to consultation on strategy? Attend conference on 30 January and promote it? Form or support the forming of a group? Our role is to inform and help anyone who would like to make changes in how we use resources? The climate change strategy and action plan should set out how together we might do this.

15 Thank you for your time

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