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Your London Card Gregory Everett - Project Manager “Your London” Card.

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1 Your London Card Gregory Everett - Project Manager “Your London” Card

2 Your London Card  Why now?  Why smartcards & what they can do?  What do they cost & what can we do about that?  What is being planned for London  How to get involved

3 Highly understood benefits?  What can cards offer?  A single membership card  A single membership database  Personalised service access  A small e-purse  Proof of age  A single sign-on  A record of who went where and what service they used  A portable home for an individual learning account  An accreditation token

4 What can this mean for Leisure?  Shared membership overheads between partners  Shared access to services across boundaries  Far better “footfall” information for service planning  Automatic age checking  Taking cash out of the system  Automatic configuration, meeting individual needs  Adding value to the leisure card  Extending membership

5 …and for our customers?  Convenience  Single enrolment  Saving preferences  Easing access  Removing stigma at point of service  A valuable token  Multi use – Library, Leisure, Sport, Travel, Catering, etc  Fewer cards to lose!  Discounts  Loyalty  A “Cool” card for young people

6 Common need to progress  TfL  The Ubiquitous Oyster  National Smartcard project  Smartcards for Starters  London Boroughs  One card fits all – Leisure, Libraries, Schools, Concessionary travel, etc  GLA  Culture for all  London Routemap  Bringing it all together

7 What do cards cost?  Cards can cost anywhere between 60p and £3.35  60p gives you a basic 4k Mifare card  Small memory, contactless interface  Not very smart  Good enough for membership, ticketing, etc  £3.35 gives you something like a JCOP41  72k memory  Two interfaces  Improved security  Downloading applications after card issue

8 But that is not the whole story…  There are other things to be considered:  Graphic Design & Branding  Networks  Readers  Databases  Administration and management  Registration  Technical consultancy  Rules  Liabilities  etc

9 What can we do about that?  Work with colleagues & share the costs  Carry out a card audit  What are they planning?  Is there anything you can piggy-back on?  Is there any prospect for joint development?  Take a Corporate approach  It helps to raise your profile  It might bring corporate funding  It should be cost neutral

10 What else can we do about that? Work with London Connects  Make contact with me or one of my colleagues  We are working with Transport for London, the GLA, Other Boroughs, etc  Make contact with Gladstone & GLL  They can hook you up with other Leisure, initiatives, etc

11 What are we planning for London?  All of the interested groups are looking to get to similar places  The trick is to get them to travel together  London Connects is planning the route  “Your London” Card, joint procurement available now!  ESP Systex and Giesecke & Devrient  “Your London” Card specification available now!  APACS Numbering system available now!  The GLA & ALM London can provide the cultural umbrellas,  The ALG, Visit London, and the London Boroughs can certainly provide the passengers

12 How can you get involved?  Learn more about cards in this setting  Attend the London Connects Annual Conference being planned  Have a look at the National Smartcard Project website and follow the links to the National project  Make Contact with London Connects  or,  Make contact with the peers from other Authorities  Make contact with your own Business Transformation groups & get involved

13 Then bill yourself as an expert and start your own series of workshops like this! Thanks

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