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E+e+ Presentation to the Smartcard Networking Forum 11 th April 2006 e-purse case study Jayne Ward Bracknell Forest Borough Council

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1 e+e+ Presentation to the Smartcard Networking Forum 11 th April 2006 e-purse case study Jayne Ward Bracknell Forest Borough Council

2 e+e+ e-purse The current BFBC e-purse is based on the Common Electronic Purse Specification (CEPS) standard First CEPS implementation in the UK CEPS can co-exist with other applications on the same chip and can be used in a variety of networks

3 e+e+ History BFBC has a Managed Service for its smart card Bespoke development of e-purse in 2001 for use with a MiFare 1K card Proprietary system using proprietary readers Re-procurement in 2004/05- New Managed Service Provider Choice between no e-purse or a redeveloped e-purse

4 e+e+ Implementation Currently deployed to – 9 Libraries – 4 Leisure Centres –Concessionary Fare Pass –Local Retail Discount Card –Proof of Age PASS accreditation – 4 Secondary Schools Cashless catering

5 e+e+ Why CEPS? Only international standard for e-purse Complies with the National Smartcard Project Complies with Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV) as an open e-purse system due to its (in theory) interoperability EMV infrastructure discounted as being too involved with banks and involving transaction fees

6 e+e+ Why CEPS? Wish to move towards interoperability Did not want another proprietary e-purse Need to be open rather than closed and inclusive New provider, familiar with CEPS, offered ‘CEPS Lite’ Royalty free right in perpetuity available to all ACTVaR councils Not a lot of alternatives

7 e+e+ What is CEPS Lite ? CEPS with multicurrency and incremental purchase capabilities stripped out Adapted to fit on the e+ JCOP 30 card Card application and terminal application written to work on standard PC’s Purchase Secure Access Module (PSAM) software deployed to keep the cost of readers down

8 e+e+ The Bad News All existing cards in circulation needed to be converted to work with new e- purse To allow the e-purse balance on the contactless chip to be read via a contact reader Conversion done by frontline staff on first presentation of card

9 e+e+ Contact Chip The JCOP30 contact chip contains –The CEPS Lite Applet that includes the purse balance and the 4 most recent e-purse transactions ( i) debit/credit, ii) amount, date and time, iii) balance after the transaction, iv) issuer I/D) –The Infineer Applet as an identifier for cashless catering (where applicable for school meals) –A HAD Applet enabling the data on the contactless chip to be read from a contact reader

10 e+e+ Contact Chip Needed Contactless solution as used previously T=CL readers – IDTronic desktop ISO14443A/B(RDT-OEMMF) Staff have 2 different readers. –1 for conversion –1 for Management System and e-purse

11 e+e+ 42,000 existing edge cards

12 e+e+ New Branding edge re-branded to e+ Happened at same time as change to new provider All edge cards in circulation needed to be converted before they would work with new ChipPURSE e-purse system Post Issuance solution using a contact reader All e+ cards work on the new system

13 e+e+ e+ Card

14 e+e+ Card Conversion A DLL software security module was required Cards converted using a contact reader

15 e+e+ Conversion Process

16 e+e+

17 e+e+ Most edge cards convert without problems in 90 seconds Conversion done via internet connection to cardholder Multi Application Smart Card System (MASCOT) database During conversion the existing e-purse balance is moved from the contactless chip to the contact chip Just another 30,000 or so to go

18 e+e+ How The System Works System called ChipPURSE ChipPURSE interfaces with MASCOT Very easy for staff to use Up to £100 can be loaded on a card and spent at any one of 13 locations in the Borough Money is loaded by staff 2 receipts. 1 for customer 1 for till Money protected once card reported lost or stolen

19 e+e+ How The System Works Purse screen activated by placing card on contactless reader Pop up box appears on top of the screen in libraries- integral with LMS Allows credit and debit transactions and balance queries

20 e+e+ Chip PURSE Overview

21 e+e+ How The System Works Only credit transactions need an on-line connection to MASCOT Debit transactions do not need to be on-line and are downloaded to the MASCOT database daily No transactions are PIN protected The CEPS transactions are uploaded directly to the merchant acquirer (entity responsible to clear and settle transactions) on start up of the terminal application

22 e+e+ Receipts

23 e+e+ Replacement Cards No funds on replacement cards Letter stating e-purse balance sent out with card Cardholder presents letter at library / leisure centre for balance to be loaded Letter retained for audit trail

24 e+e+ Settlement ChipPURSE interfaces with MASCOT and records, amongst other things, –Time- Transaction type –Location- APACS number –Terminal- Previous value –Transaction value - Transaction result BFBC accounts staff deal manually with all transactions via a holding account

25 e+e+ Reports On-line reports available detailing –Cardholder statement –Daily totals of debits and credits –List of each daily transaction –List of all balances including total of all balances representing the amount of funds held by the Council which have not been used by the cardholder Library staff can get daily and weekly reported including all branch PC’s

26 e+e+ e-Purse Usage No obvious pattern of usage Average transaction value is £1.70 Average credit transaction is £10.55 Currently only 5% of cardholders are regular users of e-purse. Usage split 55% men 45% women Main use in largest leisure centre

27 e+e+ Feedback People who use the e-purse find it useful Useful tool for teaching youngsters to budget Usage increased once leisure was included Front line staff not good at encouraging use of e-purse Target is to promote and increase use of the system

28 e+e+ The End Any Questions ?

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