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6 th December 2010 Dragon Sport National Training.

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1 6 th December 2010 Dragon Sport National Training

2 Our Vision Sian Thomas Head of Marketing and Communications

3 Overview Sport Wales Vision 10 th Anniversary successes Review findings and recommendations Multi-skills scoping work Next steps Putting it into practice

4 What’s changed? participation figures school-club links volunteers skill and confidence in delivery menu of opportunity Increased:

5 Stats Academic YearBoysGirlsTotal% Boys% Girls 00/016,3976,11012,50751.15%48.85% Then Now 09/10105,58773,831179,41858.85%41.15%

6 Whathasn’tchanged?

7 These two!...

8 The Findings... Dragon Sport Review Continuum Community

9 The need for a re-modelled Dragon Sport programme which provides a progressive learning experience, with overlapping phases to help young people consolidate their learning as they apply their skills in different forms of activity. (Sue Burgess Consultation Report, March 2010) There is too much separation between and distinction between different programmes run in schools. There is a lack of clarity about how programmes integrate. (Arad Consultation Report, August 2010) There is a need to refresh and update current provision and resources. (Dragon Sport Survey Results, Sept 2010) Continuum Dragon Sport Review

10 There should be a focus now on younger ages and developing physical literacy and general skills or linking with the foundation phase. There is also a need for multi-skills resources. (Dragon Sport Survey Results, Sept 2010) The programme should develop stronger links to the education agenda and the Estyn inspection framework on the basis that some schools will take it more seriously if they see the connection and potential impact on inspection reports. (Arad Consultation Report, August 2010) Dragon Sport Review cont.

11 Dragon Sport needs to improve links with the community. The management data also backs up that the focus of the programme has been predominantly within schools. (Dragon Sport Survey Results, Sept 2010) There is a need to recruit more volunteers and encourage more parent participation. (Dragon Sport Survey Results, Sept 2010) A more local needs and club led approach was favoured to allow for more flexibility, continuity and closer working with NGBs. (Arad Consultation Report, August 2010) Community Dragon Sport Review cont.

12 Challenge!..

13 Community How do your scales currently weigh in? Moment of Truth! Schools

14 Shift of focus CommunitySchools

15 Mapping Play to Learn to Dragon Sport cards FUNS and Raising the Bar / YST Active Play & Multi-ability Gaps in skills: pivot, foot patterns, tag/tackle, dynamic balance, retrieving, chase and collect Good Practice: LTAD approach – Physical, Social, Personal, H&F, Cognitive, Creative Multi-ability – whole child approach NGB resource ideas to incorporate Resource scoping work

16  Dragon Sport is re-aligned to a child-centred multi-skills approach  Communication tool to clarify the ‘Big Picture’ of what Sport Wales offer  Focus placed on community club development based on local need and provision Recommendations

17 Next Steps... Project Board / Internal communication Consultation with NGB’s Consultation group to shape resource and training Refocus effort in line with vision

18 Putting the vision into practice...

19 The Vision, every child hooked on sport for life, a nation of champions. What does this all mean for you? What difference can you make? Which of the 5 priorities does Dragon Sport contribute to? How do you currently spend your time? How can you work differently?

20 Sustaining strategies for school engagement What does the shift mean and how can this happen? Nationally, how can we support you? How can we do this locally? What are the barriers?

21 Who do you currently engage with? Working in the community Innovative ways of working with different groups? New volunteers? Engaging with clubs?


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