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Emerging Telecare Strategy 2010 - 2015 Andrea Cannon January 2011.

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1 Emerging Telecare Strategy 2010 - 2015 Andrea Cannon January 2011

2 2 What Is Telecare Built upon Community Alarm or “Lifeline” Community alarm – provided by borough and district councils in Surrey –Alarm unit plugs into telephone socket –Telephone plugs into alarm unit –Linked to pendant from which person can summon help at the press of a button –In a person presses the button - telephone call via the alarm unit to a care centre – any time of the day or night –Trained staff will hold details of family, keyholders, and so on Will be able to talk to the person summon help Will summon emergency assistance if the person cannot speak

3 3 PIR (Intruder / Inactivity) Bed Sensor Smoke Detector Temperature Extreme Sensor Fall Detector Flood Detector Other Sensors CO / Gas Detector Bogus Caller Button Medication Dispenser

4 4 The Benefits Of Telecare Supports people to live independently at home –Increased confidence –Less intrusive support –Can help people recover independence after period in hospital or other crisis –Support end of life care in the home Giving family carers peace of mind Can prevent people coming to harm Can offer support in residential care settings

5 5 The “CAT” scheme Community Alarm Telecare discharge project Provision of alarm free of charge for 12 weeks following hospital discharge, for those who do not already have the service Also available to people who have been the victim of a distraction burglary Many people opt to keep and pay for the alarm having enjoyed the benefits for the free period

6 6 Telecare: The Vision “Working in partnership to ensure that all those in Surrey who may benefit from Telecare and/or Telehealth technology are fully advised as to the possibilities available and have easy access to a high quality equipment and response service to enable them to live independently and with peace of mind in their homes”

7 7 Some Of The Potential Barriers People are nervous of the technology – and worried that support by people will be taken away and they will be lonely The possibilities offered by Telecare are not understood – either by the public or professionals across the agencies At present there is not a consistent “offer” across Surrey – the 11 boroughs and districts have different approaches and prices – inequity of access Lack of a callout service to respond to emergencies

8 8 Challenges - Financial How can we pay for the service – not just the equipment but the installation and maintenance at a time when budgets are under pressure Particularly challenging in the more rural areas – staffing really stretched How can we make this work financially across the public sector economy? What would be the fairest approach for charging for services? All agencies – need to think through their financial business plans

9 9 Developing The Strategy Key partners involved to date Borough and district councils Adult Social Care Health Users and carers We want to spread the word and involve More people in the community Local communities through parish and town councils Residential care and supported living providers The Telecare Summit – a key opportunity for us to show what Telecare can offer and to help shape our strategy

10 10 Our Universal Offer Everyone should have access to advice and information about Telecare: what it is and how to access it All should have the ability to trial a Telecare service for up to 12 weeks to see if it works for them The CAT scheme to continue: free community alarm for 12 weeks on discharge from hospital The majority of people will contribute to the cost of their service if they would like to benefit from it – although those eligible for an Adult Social Care service will get help

11 11 Our Basic Principles Improving the independence, safety and confidence of vulnerable people living at home Peace of mind and enhanced well-being for family carers Equality of access to Telecare across the County with local access to services People are supported to use Telecare to achieve “re- ablement” Accessible information Services delivered in a timely fashion Equipment supplied is good quality and fit for purpose Value for money

12 12 The Adult Social Care Perspective Preventative services – a key part of personalisation Telecare – a core part of the “menu” to support independence and enable people to stay at home Want to “mainstream” Telecare so that it is always part of people’s thinking when discussing support plans with people If used effectively, can be really cost effective and save money – enabling scarce resources to be targeted more effectively Good for people and good for the public purse

13 13 Some Key Areas Requiring Further Work Making best use of Telecare to address dementia Expanding the use of Telecare to support people with learning disabilities in Surrey Working with our providers to make best use of Telecare in residential care and supported living settings Working with health colleagues to ensure that professionals understand how Telecare might support end of life care Ensuring that Telecare opportunities are embedded in “respite” and “re-ablement services” – so that people are exposed to the technology and gain confidence in its use

14 14 The Next Stage - Telehealth Surrey Works Surrey PCT Surrey University Businesses Surrey Central Health A lot of activity – looking for funds for project work. Have been many short-term small pilots – want to do more

15 15 Feedback To Date From Users And Carers Have tried to seek views in a number of ways – and the response broadly positive Detailed feedback from Empowerment Board Conference which has informed and will be attached to Strategy Action for Carers - also a positive response to date Surrey LINK – broadly positive but concern that there should not be variable service across Surrey All – keen on clarity of cost People also interested to know more about Telehealth/Telemedicine

16 16 Action Plan Priorities for 2010/11 Promotion of Telecare to the local communities and professionals: Surrey Telecare Website Leaflets and literature at different outlets - including doctor surgeries, libraries, hospitals, Via the new citizen’s hub in Epsom & Ewell Through Surrey Information Point Demonstration site and demonstration kits Pilot activities: Telecare Dementia Project The Faith project

17 17 Priorities for 2010/11 - Adult Social Care Ensuring Telecare solutions offered to people as part of a possible support package Embedding Telecare in Adult Social Care processes and procedures for both long-term and short-term packages Targeted training, guidance and access to information for Adult Social Care staff and other professionals Improving links with local Telecare teams Identifying budget to sustain CAT scheme and equipment 2011/12

18 18 Action Planning : 2011 And Beyond Preparing For A Sustainable Future –Roll out the training programme across Adult Social Care and other agencies, including voluntary sector agencies and service providers –Make best use of the new demonstrator site in Cobham and mobile demonstrator kits, so that people can use, touch and experience Telecare –Give similar opportunities in respite and re-ablement settings –Enhance the Surrey Telecare website –Make best use of newly emerging citizen’s hubs in Redhill and other areas

19 19 Action Planning: 2011 And Beyond A focus on equalities –Map who provides what in Surrey, identify areas of inconsistency to be addressed and establish constructive solutions –Ensure there are appropriate Telecare solutions for people with hearing/visual impairment –Ensure literature is accessible to all –Investigate scope to establish common charging policy across Surrey

20 20 Action Planning : 2011 And Beyond Response service: explore the potential of a 24-hour callout service to avoid reliance on families, neighbours or emergency services –Map current out of hours support across Adult Social Care, hospitals, borough councils and sheltered housing –Consider options around coordinating current arrangements or buying a service commercially –Link with ambulance service to quantify calls which did not need their expertise and a “blue light” service

21 21 Action Plan : April 2011 and Beyond Create the Business Case across the agencies to ensure Telecare is funded into the future –Invest to save commitment from Surrey to address anticipated growth –Joint working across boroughs and districts to make best use of staffing and other resources –Effective use of Telecare equipment across Surrey – competitive purchase prices and effective storage and re-cycling of equipment –Effective use of revenue income by boroughs and districts to ensure provision self-financing into the future

22 22 Telehealth/Telemedicine Focus of Strategy at the moment: to focus on Telecare Keen to ensure Telecare part of thinking of health professionals Want to ensure that GP commissioners have an awareness of Telecare opportunities moving forward Health colleagues will want to develop Telehealth/Telemedicine opportunities This will be key focus in future years of Strategy In the meantime - will actively link with project opportunities which emerge through Surrey Works E-rural project

23 23 Feel free to answer any questions at the market place and over the breaks How can we improve things? Are we thinking along the right lines? What have we forgotten? We want your feedback and ideas over the next couple of months –Through the workshops today –Through comments on the flipcharts around the room –Through feedback forms available from the Information Desk –Individual feedback: today or via e-mail or letter –At any forums where it would be useful for us to come along Consultation Opportunities

24 24 Our Suppliers We want to thank all the suppliers who have supported today’s event –Just Checking –Tynetec –Tunstall Telecom –Turin UK –Buddi –Pivotell –Bosch –Tallon –Cirrus

25 25 Contact Details Contact details for feedback: Andrea Cannon: Surrey County Council Elmbridge Civic Centre High Street Esher, KT10 9SD 01372 832980

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