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1 All-Age Integrated Commissioning Strategy (Health and Wellbeing) 2014 - 2020 CAS Voluntary Sector Forum workshop 17 July 2014

2 Vision The Southwark Health and Wellbeing Board have set three main broad priorities in order to deliver better health and care outcomes for Southwark residents. Those priorities are: Giving every child and young person the best start in life Building healthier and more resilient communities and tackling the root causes of ill health Improving the experience and outcomes for our most vulnerable residents and enabling them to live more independent lives The council therefore wants to ensure that all Southwark residents, irrespective of their age or any other defining characteristic, has the opportunity to: Live as independently as possible Living in a in a good state of emotional and economic well being. Have access to the full economic, cultural and social life that Southwark has to offer Actively contribute, where they can, to the wider community

3 National and Local Context The Care Act The Children and Families Act Local Direction on Integration Financial Implications

4 Strategic Commissioning Intentions Personalised health and social care services that are able to follow a resident through their lifetime Improve resilience of communities, families and individuals to support residents to maintain / regain their independence and be able to live in their home Identify and commission effective preventative / early action services that reduce the need for specialist services Quality specialist services for those that require support when no longer able to live in their own home Commission for quality and improved outcomes for our residents, utilising views expressed from residents on the services they receive to develop and inform future approaches Develop a diverse, innovative and adaptable health and social care market Develop a single integrated approach to commissioning services wherever possible

5 Co-production Co-production is a meeting of minds coming together to find a shared solution. In practice, it involves residents and their family / carers, who use services being consulted, included, working together and influencing from the start to the end of any project that affects them.

6 All Age Disabilities Target more support to younger children with disabilities and their families. Providing information, advice, support and signposting at the point of diagnosis. Commission support to enable more young people to succeed into adulthood and education or employment, including creating real opportunities for employment for disabled young people and adults Still maintaining a focus on increasing independent living opportunities including returning people to the borough (Winterbourne View response) Developing a range of supported living opportunities that can respond to the individual needs of people whose needs challenge services who are returning to the borough Improve the market for “day opportunities” offering wider range of support in the key areas of employment; education; community engagement; and sport and leisure

7 All Age Long Term Conditions Supporting the shift in the balance of care away from a current over reliance on institutional care, through: –24 hour integrated community support which is increasingly locality based –Ongoing emphasis upon reablement and promoting resilience and self care –Improving person centred care, through a well trained, motivated provider sector –Where applicable modernising and/or developing specialist buildings –Meaningful and therapeutic day opportunities

8 All Age Prevention An all-age accommodation approach to reduce the reliance on institutional forms of care Assistive technology and an Integrated community equipment service that supports individuals to maintain their independence Implementation of the joint carers strategy alongside the CCG Commissioning of a comprehensive and effective information, advice and advocacy offer Universal Preventative interventions that improve access to support, health and wellbeing and social interaction, promote healthy lifestyles and positive health benefits Enabling residents to manage their own health and social care needs

9 Developing Southwark’s Market Position Statement Jane Senior – Market Development Manager

10 What is a Market Position Statement (MPS)? An MPS sets out the Council’s approach towards shaping and developing the local care and support market in order to ensure sufficient supply, to meet the requirements of individual choice and population demand.

11 What does it look like? Concise market facing document Evidence based Market Development Plan Supports providers to make informed decisions about developing their businesses in Southwark. Complements Southwark’s All Age Commissioning Strategy

12 How are we developing the MPS in Southwark? Supply Mapping and Analysis Demand Analysis Profile of Spend Service User and Provider Engagement Market Analysis Strategic Drivers – Local and National Supplier Relationship Management

13 Group Exercise What information would you most like to see in the MPS? What are the key challenges faced by the VCS? How would you like the Council to respond to these challenges?

14 Focussing on Personal Budgets Peta Smith – Commissioning Manager Children’s and Adult’s Services

15 What’s new Children and Families Act Care Act Personal Health Budgets Integrated Personal Commissioning Increased take up of Direct Payments

16 Children and Families Bill - SEND Integrated assessments (education, health and social care – EHC) and integrated commissioning (health and local authority) Duty to publish a Local Offer Right to request a Personal Budget

17 Local Offer – what is it Purpose of the local offer is to enable parents and young people to see more clearly what services are available in their area and how to access them. Covers provision for 0-25 years, across education, health and social care Being developed in partnership with parents and young people in the borough

18 Local Offer - Impact Opportunity to promote your service (0-25 & parents?) Opportunity to understand what other organisations there are and where there are gaps in service provision Will be promoted by the council and partners as the “go to place” for information so very important you are on there Opportunity to reach more people We will be circulating information on how to get your organisation on the Southwark offer via CAS later this month.

19 Care Act Continued focus and momentum for PBs We will have more contact with self funders Big focus on information and advice

20 Personal Health Budgets Currently – have a right to request if you have a continuing healthcare need From April 2015 – if you have a long term condition Small changes nationally to date

21 Integrated Personal Commissioning New announcement Bringing Health and Social Care PB into an integrated budget and spending to meet shared outcomes Blurs the lines Pilots April 2015

22 More people on Direct Payments Increasing month by month 377 and counting!

23 Personal Budgets – Possible Impacts 1 Opportunity to increase business –Good service, but limited to volume of work commissioned –Not commissioned by the council, so don’t get referrals Opportunity to provide support in new and different ways –Respond to requests from people who use your service –Not defined by the Council – by the personal budget holder Opportunity to focus on individual outcomes Increased focus on quality and customer satisfaction

24 Personal Budgets – Possible Impacts 2 Changes to core funding Develop new costing models – cost per person; per session; per week etc New income streams – how to manage More diverse market – more individual focussed; micro-providers?

25 Personal Budgets – Planning What do your service users want? What parts of your services can you make more individualised (and what can’t you)? Who are your competitors? And who are your collaborators? The market of organisations offering services is increasing –Think about what makes you unique –Promote your services –Respond to what people say they want/ need –Understand the costs of your service and how you can be competitive –Make sure you are utilising the Local Offer and other information directories

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