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AGM May 17th 2013 Update 1 NS activity / Insights Update 2 Featurelink 3 1Local.

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2 AGM May 17th 2013 Update

3 1 NS activity / Insights Update 2 Featurelink 3 1Local

4 Agencies and Advertisers Research and Insight Featurelink 1Local Dialogue for agencies and advertisers Presentations to members and member companies Marketing support

5 Insights

6 Advertising in local newspapers is trusted more than any other media channel Source: IPA Touchpoints 4 Expanded Hub Base: All respondents. (Agree) ‘I trust the advertising I see in…’ 21.1 9.9 8.7 8.4 8.2 7.6 6.9 3.9 3.4 2.4

7 94% Value their local newspaper because it covers local news 74% often notice the advertisements in their local newspaper 65% trust their local newspaper more than a national newspaper Local newspapers have a strong and valuable relationship with their audience Source: IPA Touchpoints 4 Expanded Hub Base: All respondents who gave an opinion (All agree)

8 There is a clear benefit for advertisers getting into the community 96% like companies that involve themselves in the local community 93% Feel better about companies who sponsor projects which put something back into the community 72% Try to buy local produce whenever I can Source: IPA Touchpoints 4 Expanded Hub Base: All respondents who gave an opinion All agree:

9 A quantitative study into shopping behaviour and attitudes Retail updated

10 the wanted ads Retail – 9 retail sectors Total 2,559 Fieldwork dates 13th – 20th August 2012 Nationally representative sample (quotas on age, gender, class and ITV region) Online survey with weighting to correct bias GROCERIES HOUSEHOLD GOODS DIY/GARDENING MOBILE PHONES CLOTHING & FASHION ENTERTAINMENT & LEISURE FURNITUREOPTICIANSCHEMISTS

11 the wanted ads Retail : 4 Main themes 2: Cost/£VFM the #1 priority Focused shopping behaviour especially looking for value 3: Locality more important than ever Despite growth internet people continue to shop locally 4: Consumers seek promotion & value messaging Local media #1 paid for media 1: People are continuing to cut back Belt-tightening across all retail sectors

12 Commercial offerings


14 Topline summary: Fire Kills Research - 82% who read a local newspaper agreed that the use of localised Fire Kills messages helped make the reader understand the importance of the issue more effectively. - 65% of readers will remember to test their smoke alarms when the clocks change. - 93% of readers agree the local newspaper is the best way to find out what is happening in the area they live vs 69% of non readers. - 89% of readers agree they trust their local newspaper to report accurately and honestly vs 65% of non readers.

15 1Local is all 71 local daily titles 74 incl. Northern Ireland 1Local has a combined readership of 6.7 million adults Circulation is 2.3 million Traded at National Press CPT Position and day of week guarantees 1 Order and 1 Invoice 1 piece of copy – or a maximum 12 TV area splits What is 1Local?

16 Who is using 1Local?

17 “1Local is an excellent vehicle for a large client like Tesco to talk directly to communities across the UK in a highly trusted environment.” Vanessa Doyle, head of press and cinema at Initiative

18 "We use 1Local to complement our national press schedule as it can add incremental coverage as well as allowing us to talk to our consumers within a trusted and relevant environment." Richard Smith, head of marketing communications planning, Marks & Spencer,

19 “ Local newspapers remain an important part of the media landscape, with both print and online entities having a unique and trusted relationship with their readers. The Newspaper Society's "1Local" initiative gives National advertisers the chance to get to engage local communities easily and cost-effectively.“ Paul Rowlinson Managing Partner Mindshare


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