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December 2011 Newspaper Creative Benchmark Report Australian Grown.

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1 December 2011 Newspaper Creative Benchmark Report Australian Grown

2 It’s a component of the Newspaper Effectiveness Metric which is run by the newspaper industry marketing body, The Newspaper Works. A monthly study designed; To measure and identify the effectiveness of newspaper creative To help improve understanding of how to use newspapers effectively To improve the understanding of the roles newspaper advertising can play To improve the standard of newspaper creative To provide a consistent metric that is accepted as the industry standard Australian Grown was included in the December 2011 study

3 Pre/post effectiveness studies, measuring in-market effects and how newspaper work with Television Comparison of creative against category averages on a monthly basis Comprehensive analysis of how newspapers can best be used to influence purchase behaviour The Newspaper Works’ effectiveness partner:

4 The Australian Grown ad was one of three ads tested in Sydney Sample: Australians 16+ Sample size: 102 Fieldwork: 2 ND – 12 TH December 2011 Conducted online by Ipsos MediaCT Benchmarks used: Government Average (see appendix for details) Nb: As this ad came from an industry group rather than a “brand” or “retail” advertiser, we elected to use a modified version of the Government survey as the most relevant set of questions to determine ad outcomes We specify in the report the use of either Government averages, or Newspaper norms.

5 Core Research Measures Top Line MeasuresRoleMapInfoMap Ad recognition Advertiser linkage Notice / Memorability Message Comprehension How people respond to & interpret newspaper ads Evaluates how the ad is delivering information Newspaper Creative DiagnosticsIdea GaugeAd Outcome Measures how people respond to the look of an ad Measures how people view the ad’s creativity Measures how well the ad impacted awareness, attitude & behaviour

6 Market: Sydney Size: Strip Position: EGN Tested: December 2011

7 The ad performs significantly higher than the average for positive creative diagnostics and is easy to understand, highlighting an important issue. Significantly different to Government Average at 90% c.l. Government Average

8 Ad Recognition and Brand Linkage can be affected by weight of campaign and timing of research. Low scores for brand recognition are typical of “industry” non-branded ads, however the level of interest was significantly higher than Newspaper Norms. Note: Ad Recognition and Brand Linkage can be affected by weight of campaign and timing of research Significantly different to All Newspaper Norm/ Government Average at 90% c.l. * Caution – small sample. * +36 All Newspaper norm Branding removed

9 Key themes identified included ‘imported food products’ and ‘standards’

10 A resounding 65% of respondents indicated a clear message comprehension. A further 22% mentioned food in other contexts.

11 The ad is rated as well-written, clever, imaginative and attention grabbing. Significantly different to Government Average at 90% c.l. Idea Gauge Measures how people view the ad’s creativity Government Average

12 Information delivery is significantly above Government averages. The information provided was important and relevant to respondents. InfoMap Evaluates the information being communicated on it’s value, relevance, reaction and impact Provides important information MAP Provides necessary information For people like me Likely to get people talking Confronting Offensive Convincing Believable Government Average Significantly different to Government Average at 90% c.l.

13 Most ads of this type perform well against Public Agenda. In addition, this ad has achieved significantly high scores on other key Roles including Information and Call to Action versus Newspaper Norms Newspaper Norm Government Average

14 The ad has performed well overall against these measures. It has done particularly well at driving awareness of the importance of buying Australian grown produce and a large number of respondents are likely to change their behaviour as a result Ad Outcomes How the ad made people think Government Average

15 Comparison to other ads

16 Produce Safety Messages Tested: December 2011 This ad from AQUIS dates from 2007, and was tested as part of a Federal Government Creative Benchmarking review in 2010

17 Newspaper Norm Government Average The AQUIS ad from 2007/8 achieved strong scores for Extension off the back of a large TV campaign (and helped by the popularity of the TV show, Border Security)

18 The ‘Australian grown’ message February 2011October 2009 December 2011

19 ‘Aussie’ provokes good feelings Australian Grown is an overall strong performer, literally scoring off the chart for Public Agenda. The ‘Aussie Apples’ industry ad series has generated high levels of Affinity, Reappraisal and Call to Action, while Berri’s commitment to Australian grown produce generates both Affinity and Call to Action for their brand.

20 6.2x Higher than norm 5x Higher than norm 2.1x Higher than norm 2.9x Higher than norm 7.8x Higher than norm 3.8x Higher than norm All newspaper norm. Dec 2011 (Updated monthly)

21 This ad from ‘Australian Grown’ achieves high scores against many of not most of our Creative Benchmarking metrics We would consider this to be a high performing ad The ad achieved high scores for positive Creative Diagnostics and in particular for ‘Highlights an Important Issue’ Corresponding with that, the RoleMap scores for being relevant to the Public Agenda were very high, and in fact the ad did significantly well across 5 out of 6 key roles of newspapers. The ad did an excellent job at raising awareness of the issue, and leading to a strong potential for behavioural change in considering the origin of produce. The ad was seen as being believable, convincing, and providing important information. Overall, this ad does an excellent job of setting the agenda for a public issue, as well as providing proof points for a specific point of view.

22 Appendix

23 Established in 2006 by the major Australian newspaper publishers: – News Limited – Fairfax Media (including Rural Press) – APN News and Media – West Australian Newspapers Represents paid national, metropolitan, regional and community titles. Primary aims: – To promote newspapers as a powerful medium for advertisers – To ensure that newspapers are perceived as being contemporary and relevant in a transforming media landscape

24 Creation of All Newspaper norms Testing of randomly selected newspaper display ads 5,100 ad observations in total 40 test ads, 100+ observations per ad Population representative sample of the five mainland state capitals Conducted online by Ipsos Media CT, July-August 2008 Sample size 1,737

25 Creation of the Government Average Government benchmarking study tested a range of state and federal government newspaper display ads (38 in total) 100+ interviews per ad, 4,500+ ad observations in total Coverage of five mainland state capitals Population representative sample Conducted online by Ipsos Media CT, May 2010 Sample size 1,525 people 16+ (population representative) Government average is based on 20 ads selected by Ipsos MediaCT to represent a cross section of government advertising in newspapers

26 Newspapers are a powerful medium to utilise across a broad range of strategic roles. Six strategic advertising roles have been validated both qualitatively and quantitatively, resulting in the creation of Role Map, one of two proprietary newspaper metrics. Role Map demonstrates how consumers connect with newspaper advertising across the six roles, comparing the performance of creative against a footprint of all ads tested. Retail average Statements are tailored to be appropriate to the advertising category.

27 Another proprietary newspaper metric provides a set of creative diagnostics unique to the attributes of newspaper advertising. They’ve been developed to help identify areas for improvement where results across other brand and advertising measures may require further analysis and interrogation. Retail average Statements are tailored to be appropriate to the advertising category.

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