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Community related EU programmes 2014-20 Simon Underwood Director International Newcastle 1.

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1 Community related EU programmes Simon Underwood Director International Newcastle 1

2 Where are you? I have never been involved in an EU funded programme I have a bit of experience of EU funded programmes I have a lot of experience of EU funded programmes 2

3 Scope of this workshop Community and social agendas in the main programmes (EaSI, Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020) Other community and social agendas in other programmes..(eg Europe for Citizens.. Asylum and Migration Funds) And a note about the Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) 3

4 Local NE agendas Community cohesion and integration Citizenship and engagement Community development Refugees and asylum Rights and equality Social inclusion Young people Migrants Other?... 4

5 Brussels agendas Europe as an entity – ‘cohesion’ ‘European added value’ Justice and equity Mobility Combatting poverty Social inclusion – Roma + Social innovation Overcoming the crisis Other?.... 5

6 EU drivers EU funding is not meant for things that a Member State would usually do for itself… The EU is concerned with ‘progress’ - think…. ‘new agendas’…. And they are always trying to develop the ‘European dimension’…cooperation and learning.. 6

7 Approaches that may appeal Collaborative research Developing best practice Innovation / modernisation Overcoming the crisis Reflective societies Shared learning Societal challenges Strategic partnerships 7

8 Funds Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) [€ 0.9bn] Erasmus+ [€14.7bn] Horizon 2020 [€78.6bn] Europe for Citizens [€0.2bn] Rights, Equality and Citizenship [€0.4bn] Asylum and Migration Fund [€3.9bn] (Structural Funds [ESF €84bn; ERDF €185bn]) 8

9 ‘Cross-cutting’ funds Employment and Social Innovation Erasmus+ Horizon

10 Europe for Citizens Proposed objectives – Stimulate debate, reflection and cooperation on remembrance, Union integration and history – Develop citizens' understanding and capacity to participate in the Union policy making process and develop opportunities for solidarity, societal engagement & volunteering at Union level. 10

11 Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme Designed to promote and protect specific rights and freedoms of individuals within the European Union. Replaces three existing programmes; DAPHNE III, Rights and Citizenship & PROGRESS (in regard to gender equality and anti-discrimination). Programme budget for is €439 million. Promotion of children's rights Focus on violence against women, youth and children.

12 Asylum and Migration Fund Includes previous European Refugee Fund (ERF) One of the two DG Home Affair funding frameworks for the period Programme framework with sub-strands to effectively deal with different areas of asylum and migration Funding for is €3.869 billion 12

13 Structural Funds Social inclusion = 20% of ESF See NELEP strategy Community investment Fund? Big Lottery/ Arts Council/ ESF link up? 13

14 Bid building What you want to do? Who you want to work with? How will you link with international partners? How much knowledge resource do you have? How much human resource do you have? How much financial resource do you have? When are you ready to take part? What help do you need? ARE YOU ‘FIT FOR PARTNERSHIP’? 14

15 Sub groups? Asylum, refugees, migration Community and citizens Social inclusion, poverty Young people Other? 15

16 Contact For more information contact: Simon Underwood or Zélie Guérin Tel:

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