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Leadership Project 2010- 2011 Self-evaluation and Planning.

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1 Leadership Project 2010- 2011 Self-evaluation and Planning

2 The project:  Originally a fixture on timetable, but to be done in accordance with curriculum for excellence and on a bigger scale – ALL DEPTS.  An S2 Citizenship week  For all S2 in all subjects – for some this entailed cross cutting themes so curriculum didn’t change e.g. Art. For others it was a break from their pre- planned lessons.

3 Things to consider  Who to involve – approaching staff  Timing – big impact on learning experiences, small impact on timetable and staff time.  How to communicate – divide tasks and find best way to communicate at various points of project.  How to encourage/and support staff when going back to departments.  Budget.

4 Planning and preparation  Timeline – achievable goals, realistic timescale. People you are leading need plenty of notice.  Communication – use an appropriate form of communication for the task/issue. General reminders – email. Specific issues, face to face contact.  Prioritise tasks and share responsibility or leadership opportunities – leading a project, not doing the whole thing yourself.

5 …planning and preparation…  Go to the right people for advice – has anyone done something similar? Mentor conversations – advice on how best to approach people or even who to approach.  Any feedback /conversation/ incident at all can help you to plan next steps/ take project in different direction.

6 Self evaluation through reflection  Mentor Conversations.  ANY conversations re project. Write up any feedback in LEARNING JOURNAL  Leave spaces in Learning Journal – only really work if go back and can comment on what you’ve learned and how you will use this.  Critical Incident Analysis sheet/template.  Evaluate along the way to map out next steps, but evidence this evaluation, if that direction doesn’t work can go back and try something else.  Existing templates of evaluation – SWOT analysis, Johari’s Windows, existing DIP template for timeline and monitoring progress etc.

7 End of project  Feedback – was very important. Evaluation of the project automatically lead to self evaluation – why didn’t they enjoy that particular aspect? What went well? Do I want to run this again? Can it be sustained? Can it be made bigger? Where can I go from here?  Identified any particular strengths, and self evaluation made me think about where to go from here – Learning Rounds post/ PELP.  Start process again:

8 Area of Development:People Specific Action Point:To share classroom practice School Improvement Action: Develop further the Learning Rounds programme to include teachers from all faculties. Action to be taken: By whom: Whe n: Baseline and Monitoring: Progress: Develop further LR within our Cluster M McKenn y Sep- 11 Develop audit tool and present to HT Audit completed and next steps established Conduct LR training St Joeseph's Whitburn M McK /SG Oct '11 Training deliveredAssist with first LR Learning Round in Social Subjects faculty SE /MMcK Nov '11 LR conductedCPD identified and followed up To raise awaress of LR with whole staff MMcKFeb Inse t Deliver presentation to staff Evaluate feedback To further raise awareness with whole staff MMcKFeb' 12 Deliver CPD activity on in house programme CPD session delivered and evaluated Learning Rounds in Maths SE/MMc K Mar' 12LR conducted CPD identified and followed up Learning Round in CDT SE/MMc K May '12LR conducted CPD identified and followed up

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