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The Revised Frameworks Lighting the Spark Or Fanning the Flames.

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1 The Revised Frameworks Lighting the Spark Or Fanning the Flames

2 The Big Picture Excellence and Enjoyment Every Child Matters- so what does level 4 mean? Coherence- making sense of learning and cohesion- We are all unified in our purpose… Exploiting every opportunity for learning

3 Its your school- its your curriculum School leaders as system leaders Networking the learning- sustaining the networks- Creativity at the heart- the pulse of learning- but with the tools of analysis and communication

4 Fan the Flames! There is no contradiction Creativity Joy in learning Thematic coherence Kids who achieve! Optimistic Teachers A broad, rich and exciting curriculum A Healthy School Focused teaching and learning Excellent literacy and mathematics provision High levels of performance Confident children thriving in KS3 and beyond

5 Changes to the frameworks An electronic version A clearer structure for mathematics and literacy Slimmed-down number of objectives, adjusted to show progression more clearly A focus on learning, rather than teaching, objectives More help with planning, teaching and assessment

6 Mathematics – six key changes Introduced 7 strands, fewer objectives Medium term planning model with units of work of 2 or 3 weeks to secure learning Given mental calculation higher status and clarified progression in written calculation Given using and applying higher profile Provided sharper assessment tools End of year expectations

7 Literacy – five key changes Organised learning objectives under twelve strands Explicit inclusion of speaking and listening objectives within the renewed framework Stronger emphasis on building learning over time and developing the teaching sequence Adjustment of expectations particularly around the learning and teaching of phonics Closer focus on assessment for learning during, and at the end of, units of work

8 Five key areas that schools are encouraged to consider Encouraging flexibility in the organisation of the curriculum and the structure of literacy and mathematics lessons Structuring learning over sequences of lessons as well as within lessons Raising expectations for all children, especially those at greatest risk of underachievement

9 Five key areas that schools are encouraged to consider More effective use of assessment to inform and direct teaching and learning Broadening and strengthening teaching to include a clearer focus on inclusion, the use of ICT, speaking, listening and learning, and on developing links with literacy and maths across the curriculum

10 CPD Networks Selected on Geography - 3 areas Characteristics – mixed or single age classes Numbers – effective training groups

11 CPD Networks PSLN activities Shared training events Consultant and AST support Meetings of Head teachers and of Subject Leaders Visits to other schools Joint visits to exemplars of good practice

12 CPD Networks Evaluation See handout Funding £10,000 per network Opportunity for flexibility

13 CPD Networks Organisation and management 2 Network co-ordinators from different schools Network co-ordinator training Facilitator Preliminary event

14 Pack for schools: Booklet for headteachers Suggestions for an initial Leadership Team meeting PDMs (Professional Development Meetings) on making use of the renewed frameworks –PDM 1 Preparation for using renewed frameworks –PDM 2 Progression in literacy PDM 2 Progression in mathematics –PDM 3 Pedagogy in literacy PDM 3 Pedagogy in mathematics –PDM 4 Planning next steps and monitoring progress Prompts for heads and others to monitor and evaluate progress

15 Structure of the Professional Development Meetings (PDM) Suggested 1 hour school based PDM Review and reflect on progress so far (10 minutes) Focused input eg: Ensuring appropriate pace and progression or pedagogy within an identified strand of mathematics or literacy for focus group of children (40 minutes) Next steps (10 minutes)

16 Generic and specific materials for each of literacy and mathematics subject leaders to lead the effective use of the renewed framework in their schools, including PDMs and suggestions for follow-up work Additional materials drawn from the CPD programme Implementing the renewed frameworks These could be used by all subject leaders, including those not participating in the LA CPD programme Implementing the renewed frameworks Pack for schools: Subject leader handbook CD ROM

17 CPD programmes - literacy There are four suggested CPD programmes to further support implementation of the renewed framework in literacy: Communication, language and literacy Improving writing Enhancing literacy Under-performing groups of children Having identified priorities, schools can then access CPD: In networks ie with schools with the same needs/issues Centrally, then school-based


19 Post Rose Review Support Communication, Language and Literacy Development (CLLD) Audits for schools and non-maintained settings Funding for CPD within allocation for renewed frameworks Links with Implementing the renewed frameworks CPD module Interim materials to support schools using Playing with Sounds post Rose

20 CPD programme - mathematics There is one programme for Implementing the renewed framework for mathematics. In the programme there is guidance for LAs on how they might focus on one of these themes: Calculation Using and applying mathematics Another strand on which schools decide they need to focus Under-performing groups of children

21 School-based days Important that SMTs recognise that: These days form an essential part of the programme and should be part of the schools CPD planning Release need not be whole days Activities could include: - Tracking children in different classes - Working with colleagues in school or across their network - Preparing for PDM session - Reporting on progress to SLT - Subject related tasks

22 CPD programme Implementing the renewed frameworks (DRAFT) LA-based Introduction to renewed frameworks – head and subject leaders School-basedSLT meeting to identify priorities and focus group of children and PDM1 LA-basedDay 1: Progression. Prepare for PDM 2 School-based Day 2 and PDM 2 LA-basedDay 3: Pedagogy. Prepare for PDM 3 School-basedDay 4 and PDM 3 LA-basedDay 5: Planning next steps, reviewing and evaluating pupil progress, prepare for PDM 4 School-based PDM 4


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