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Leadership Programme 2011 Session 3: Quality Improvement.

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1 Leadership Programme 2011 Session 3: Quality Improvement

2 Check In: Your Learning What have you learned so far? New thinking? Further development points? Knowing what you didn’t know? Changes in practice? Reflection on homework tasks.

3 Homework for Session 3 Self study: complete PLP Self study; read chapter on leadership v management. Note main points in LJ Coach Conversation: Discuss PLP identifying any assumptions Home Group Task: think about your own leadership project and discuss what leadership and management actions you will have to use GLOW Group

4 Today’s special guests Alison Watson, Education Officer Phyllis Wood, Education Officer Quality Improvement For Aspiring Leaders

5 Aims To share and develop understanding of quality improvement in schools

6 Participant Outcomes Overview of quality improvement model Understanding of the role of distributive leadership in improving quality Opportunity to discuss personal experience and spheres of influence in improving quality

7 Self-evaluation for improvement Ensure that self-evaluation leads to improvement Not mechanistic or a minor industry or quality control Is focused at all times on improving learning If you can’t see the impact in the classroom its not happening

8 Self-evaluation for improvement Forward looking and aspirational About change and improvement both gradual and transformational Based on professional reflection, challenge and support

9 Heart of evaluation 3 questions focused on learning the core business of any school How are we doing? How do we know? What are we going to do now?

10 Key questions on school self- evaluation How well do children learn and achieve? (1.1 2.1) How well is the school helping the children to learn? (5.1 5.3) How well is the school improving the quality of its work? (5.9) What stage is the school at for taking forward curriculum for excllence?

11 Evaluation of Quality: Triangulation Direct observation People’s views Quantitative Data Impact on learning

12 Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein “Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work” Bette Davis “The teacher who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it” The key to successful leadership is influence not authority The Quality Model

13 Group Task:Placemat Activity Individually write down what you have done this year to ensure quality improvement (Think culture/policy/system/tools) As a group discuss and list all the different ideas

14 Triad Activity Working from Project Outline Discuss QI Implications in relation to Project 3 Key Questions (what are we doing, how do we know, what are we going to do now?) 1 x Speaker 1 x Questioner 1 x Observer

15 Homework for Session 4 Home Group Task: research critical incident analysis and learning journals and share any findings/resources/frameworks with your group. Self Preparation: decide on a personal critical incident for discussion at Session 4. Self study: match yourself against PT(C) job spec. Note any development areas and add them to your PLP. Coach Conversation: discuss how your project will secure QI in your school and the tools you might use to achieve this?

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