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vision on the development of excellence

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1 vision on the development of excellence



4 Why is this the time!

5 This is what we found!!! TC PLAYER CSA School Club Independent PSO TD
PRO’CLUB PSO ACADEMY CLUB SCHOOL CSA Board Pro teams CSA PSO Board Player T2W PSO TD Player T2C Dist Board Dist. TD Player T2T CLUB Board School Club Independent TC PARENT PLAYER

6 No structured programming or vision
Limited communication, members and partners (Professional included) Corrosive environment Programming competition and confusion Lack of professional guidance and direction No technical strategy Limited players advancing through the system Lack of professional coaching staff

7 A need for “Professionalization”
“Today football cannot expect to effectively meet the demands of the modern game if it’s leading positions at all levels are filled by volunteers”                                                 FIFA 2005 Activity Report “Stronger Structures”

8 BC Soccer High Performance Programming – “Periodization Planning”
Overall Philosophy Overall Objectives Technical Standards and Criteria Pathway Essentials Proposed Structure BC Soccer High Performance Programming – “Periodization Planning”

9 Overall Philosophy

10 Province wide promotion of a
Our #1 Priority… Province wide promotion of a “PLAYER” first mentality

11 Ask ourselves the following question…
”Have we as community of soccer people always made our development decisions based on the players interests 1st and foremost?”

12 Players make the difference…it is as simple as that!
This should be our guiding force as we strive to improve!

13 Overall Objectives

14 A question we must all answer…
“What is the objective of creating a High Performance League in British Columbia?”

15 A universal agreement should be reached…
Develop players to play at the National Team level of programming and/or the next level of play…Professional level! Impact the daily environment of the player …CRITICAL TO OVERALL IMPROVEMENT! Create an atmosphere which provides for a meaningful sustainable competition format!

16 Technical Standards and Criteria

17 Why do we require technical standards and criteria?

18 We require a Provincial and National Standard!
FACT… Our players are entering the international arena behind their counter-parts around CONCACAF & the world in numerous key technical areas! Technically…limited comfort with the ball and is limited and too slow Tactically…naive and hindered by lack of technique Physically…soccer specific characteristics Emotionally…ability to prepare, sustain and deal with the level of competition presented We require a Provincial and National Standard!

19 Fact… Worldwide training of players is becoming more sophisticated while we stubbornly cling to out dated traditions! The environment of the elite player is not good enough Talented youth players are stretched too thin Too many games Not enough good games/competition Limited and low number of training sessions Required coaching standards are not met Scientific data and technical research and recommendations are ignored

20 What is the outcome?

21 Harmonize all elite level of programming in BC to alleviate congestion and provide clarity
Recognized and sustainable player development program Talent identification Quality training and match environments Coaching development Create an international standard of player

22 What are the recommended standards and criteria?

23 Proposed High Performance League Technical Standards
Mandatory Coaching Certification (*Age specific) Ongoing Coach Education Compliance of Recognized Technical Curriculum Establishment of Scouting Database (*Coaches reports) Maximum Number of Matches Minimum Number of Training Sessions Minimum Play Standard and Substitution Policy Required Rest and Recovery Periods Minimum Squad Size Mandatory Player Testing Protocol Positional Specific Coaching (*Goalkeeping)

24 Proposed High Performance League Technical Standards
BC Soccer Technical Service Plan… BC Soccer and its Soccer Development Department would provide service and guidance within the area of introduction , implementation and monitoring of the agreed technical guidelines. In addition, the Soccer Development Department will work closely to assist with all HPL organizations throughout the process to ensure all meet and flourish within the required standards and criteria set out.

25 Pathway Essentials

26 It is essential that the High Performance League partners comply with the following National and Provincial player development guidelines

27 Single Programming Focus…
Elimination of congestion and provide clarity

28 CSA Long Term Player Development and the club charter…
Support and promote the overall vision of the CSA Long Term Player Development Strategy and meet future established club charter criteria

29 Stage 4: Training to Train U11 to U15 Female/ U12 to U16 Male ‘Identifying the Elite Player’
At this stage, elite soccer groups express interest in recruiting talented youth players. Care must be take to recognize and protect the long-term interests of each player. Risks and issues can be avoided by ensuring that development remains ‘player centered’ Game Structure- Ranges from 8v8 to 11v11. (Game transitions to 11v11 at U13 age. Recommended Training Times- 60 to 75 minutes. Season Length- As players progress through this stage, they move towards year around play that included appropriate rest and recovery periods. Recommendations- Appropriate ratio of training, competition and rest throughout the year; periodized planning critical. Training to competition ratio should be between 5 to 12 for every game.

30 Partners in advanced programming for high performance player development…
CSA and BC Soccer recognized high performance player development pathway

31 The Staircase Approach

32 Commitment to appropriate periodization of player development programming…
Contrary to what seems to be popular belief, periodization is not a mythical or secretive method in the strength and conditioning realm. Periodization is, in simple terms, a plan. This process of planning is researched and scientific by its nature.

33 Commitment to appropriate periodization of player development programming…
The ultimate goal is to achieve higher levels of performance through a properly mapped- out progression. An organized training, evaluation and competition program eliminates the random approach and services the “PLAYER”.

34 Proposed Structure

35 Questions?

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