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Statutory changes to the Free Entitlement to 3 & 4 year olds.

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1 Statutory changes to the Free Entitlement to 3 & 4 year olds

2 New entitlement for nursery children From September 2010: Maximum of 15 hours a week over minimum of 3 days Maximum of 13 hours in any 2 days. Maximum of 10 hours in 1 day Minimum of 2 hours per session

3 Why Extend from 12.5 to 15 hours per week? There is clear evidence which shows that involvement in high quality early years education can lead to better educational and social outcomes for all children – which last through primary school. There are particular benefits for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Early years provision can also act as an enabler for parents allowing them time to return to work, enter training or achieve a better balance in their work and family life. There is also evidence that for certain groups of children e.g. summer born there is a particular educational benefit to increasing time spent in nursery provision. The extension to the free entitlement seeks to balance these benefits – increasing the offer so that there are additional benefits to children and making the offer more flexible to better meet the needs of parents.

4 Length of offer Minimum period of 38 weeks. Maximum period of 50 weeks 15 hours can be split over a maximum of 2 providers.

5 What does “flexibility” mean? Key principles: Ensuring parents have the option to access more than just sessional provision. Ensuring that provision reflects what parents really need. Creating a range of provision and options within the early years market for parents

6 Preparation for 15 hours for all from September 2010 Consult with parents so we can determine parental demand. Decide what level of flexibility we are able to offer. Look at any changes we may need to make to our staffing structure and working times.

7 Things to consider Identify how to deliver the 15 hours. Consultation with parents. Welfare of the children. –Areas for quiet time –Lunchtime arrangements? Planning the curriculum to ensure that the EYFS standards are met. Plan and consult on new staffing arrangements. Financial implications.

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